I want to make new quests with WeiDU but I don't know how.



  • I have made the Fire Drake Armour in the from of Fire Drake Splint Mail +2, +3 and Fire Drake Medium Shield +2, +3 (with the +3 variants being reforged upgrades).

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    Jewels For Reforging:
    Jewel Item Reforging
    +2 Ruby, Sapphire, Shandon, or any other regular Jewel (5,000 Gold)
    Ruby Gem Item-Description

    Ruby Gems are a gem-quality gemstone that are found in a variety of corundum that is a popular and plentiful gem and has many magical uses in addition to its appeal as a sparkling gemstone. Rubies come in a variety of colors, from colorless through shades of red to deep crimson. About one in every hundred rubies is the much more sought after Star Ruby. It is known that Rubies are cherished by worshipers of many gods, including Callarduran Smoothhands, Erevan Ilesere, Gorm Gulthyn, Haela Brightaxe, and Labelas Enoreth. Superstitions around the Sea of Fallen Stars held that Rubies bestowed good luck on their owners, but magical uses were much more reliable. Crushed to a powder and used in the enchantment, Rubies greatly enhanced personal magic items that increased skill, ability, resistance, and or luck and other various magical boons. Facet cut and polished Rubies are required in the crafting of a helm of brilliance and are the gem of choice in decorating items that produce potent magics; traditionally employed in items that yield healing magic. Ruby powder is also used to create magic ink for scribing divine spells of the elemental and sun spheres, and arcane spells of the abjuration, alteration, or evocation schools. Among the astute arcane studied circles it is believed that the best time of day to use powdered ruby was 'the time of the summer sunset'. With the proper incantations, Rubies could ward against natural and magical lightning and earthquakes. A crushed Ruby worth at least 1,000 gold pieces is required to cast the extremely powerful necromatic spell soul shift. Rubies were one of the preferred gems for the psionic circuitry in the inventions of the Creative Creed. Extremely rarely, a Ruby might contain a creature that could be released from the stone by delicately shattering it. Such creatures were usually unknown in Faerûn and grew rapidly upon release; although this is no such anomalous Ruby Gemstone. Rubies are considered prized gems among the Drow, more value is placed upon the Rubies possessing a darker hue. In the common markets at larger this appeal also applied with the darker the shade of the and the fewer the inclusions and impurities of a Ruby Gem, the more value is demanded by the gemstone. A typical Ruby Gem specimen such as this has a trade value of 5,000 gold pieces.

    +3 (Star Ruby x12 10,000 Gold)
    Star Ruby Item-Description

    Star Ruby Jewels are more opaque than regular gem-quality Rubies and have a reflective optical effect that highlights a white six-pointed star on the surface of cabochon-cut stones. Other stars with even-numbered points were also possible. About one out of every one hundred Rubies is a Star Ruby. Star Rubies are considered sacred by followers of Callarduran Smoothhands, Corellon Larethian, Labelas Enoreth, and Shargaas—appropriate for sacrifice, or to be consecrated for use, or recognized as boons or omens when found. Star Rubies shared all the properties of plain Rubies plus some very unique healing abilities. This rare jewel can be used to empower magical items when implemented correctly in the forging of a magical item, or even to further empower an existing magical item. Star Rubies are considered prized gems among the Drow. They consider them useful in their pursue for excellent magical craft and as for status symbols of power for both those who could use magic and a very bold choice for others. Star Rubies are particularly used by old priestesses to display their power and status. A Star Ruby Jewel specimen is very rare and would be a valued addition to any royal crown or scepter, steeped in an atmosphere of power a Star Ruby Jewel demands a trade value of 10,000 gold pieces.

    +4 or +5 (Chardalyn x3 20,000 Gold)
    Item Description: *Ran out of characters, in post below*

  • Chardalyn Jewel Description:
    These magical oval-shaped black stones known as Chardalyn Jewels were first discovered by humans in ancient Netheril near the city of Fluvion, where the Wont Surge joined the Zweihaus River, in −1205 DR by an arcanist named Elorian. At first these black stones were described as 'useless rocks' by miners, but Elorian sensed they were magical and soon discovered their affinity for magic and thus their capacity for spell storage and release. This tremendous discovery in ancient Netheril brought immediate prosperity to Fluvion and ushered in what historians called the Age of Discovery that lasted for over half a millennium. The continued high demand of Chardalyn at this time can be attributed to the incredible power it offered to magically elder who knew how to tap into the latent of of the jewels. A single Chardalyn can absorb one spell, which can be released when the stone is crushed and or destroyed. This is a natural ability of the substance and did not require any magical preparation or treatment beforehand. The spell can stay encased in the Chardalyn indefinitely, the spell can be released seconds or centuries later. Usually, the spell is cast with the Chardalyn as the target and it is absorbed without fail, but an empty Chardalyn has a slightly better than even chance to absorb a spell that does not target it directly, as long as it is in the spell's area of effect. Once a Chardalyn is imbued with a spell, additional spells have no effect on the stone. When shattered, the attributes (power, volume, duration, damage, etc.) of the spell are unchanged and the focal point is the exact location where the breakage occurred. These nuggets were as brittle as glass and turned into a powder when they were forcefully struck or when hurled against a solid object. The ancient Netherese tried for many years to find a use for the powder residue left behind after smashing a Chardalyn, but to no avail. Yet with great difficulty and tremendous effort and much blood spilt it was discovered long ago that master smiths and masters of the arcane can make incredible use of these stones to imbue mighty artifact with tremendous power, yet the process is risky and can completely ruin the reforged item or even the life of the crafter. This is only if one was arrogant enough to attempt such a forging feat as anything else but a seasoned veteran of the craft; a true mastercrafter. After the Fall of Netheril, Fluvion was just a ruin on the Plain of Standing Stones. Chardalyns were known to the sarrukh millennia before the Netherese discovered them. A vast cache of Chardalyn stones, long forgotten by all but the incredibly ancient Terraseer (a sarrukh lich from Isstosseffifil who visited the Netherese in disguise), was buried deep below the foothills north of the Sword Mountains near the Sword Coast. In −2368 DR, the Terraseer manipulated the Netherese to build an outpost there and dig a well that would never run dry. In the process of this expedition, the Netherese army had to kill thousands of owlbears and other monsters, eventually slaying the deepspawn that guarded the lost chamber. The Terraseer got his Chardalyns, but the outpost, Quesseer, lasted less than 300 years and only the Old Owl Well was left. Yet in the current day a Chardalyn Jewel stone is one of the realm's rarest and highly sought after treasure. The latent power, rarity and fragility of a Chardalyn Jewel contributes to its high trade value of 20,000 gold pieces.

  • @WithinAmnesia
    What's your progress on this promising mod?
  • Endarire said:
    What's your progress on this promising mod?

    I have frozen it while I work on 3D and Unity related projects. https://www.deviantart.com/withinamnesia/gallery
    I love Baldur's Gate yet I have to grow my skill set with Unity and 3D Modelling and Coding C# to further progress and develop both games and my skill set to make ideas into reality.
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