Game Crashes to Desktop as soon as Neera Joins in BG2

Hello there,

I am on the BGII Chapter 15, in my current EET playthrough and even though the game runned very smoothly so far, as soon as Neera tries to join my party in the wild forest (to go and find the hidden refuge, the game crashes to desktop. I have done many quests and all run fine, but this one keeps crashing.

I attach my save and my debug/weidu log below, just in case!

I cannot provide a save in the wild forest, because the game crashes after the dialogue ends and the dialogue happens as soon as I enter the area; 

While I am at it, I would ask another question: I have tried to enter the graveyard before (not in this peculiar save though), to see if I'd receive skie's soul dagger. But no vampire came to me to make an offer from bodhi, or to give me skie's dagger?
Am I missing something on this specific point?




  • I am not to sure how to handle your save. What action do you take from that save which is in the temple ruins area until the crash?

    The vampire you expect may be Valen and she appears shortly after Brus when you have collected to money the shadow thief have requested. This may happen in any Athkatla town area not just graveyard. It is the invitation to meet with Bodhi before you make a decision to take Gaelan's offer.
  • Hi rox. 

    I simply go from the temple ruins to the wild forest area, where Neera initiates her dialogue. And after It ends and I accepted her, the game directly hangs then crashes. Other areas run just fine :)
  • I see. Yes it crashes for me as well. It looks like you had her in the party before, correct?
    If yes, where did you part?
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    Last time I had her in the party was right at the end of Sod, before my character goes into Jail :). I don't have her in the party ever since :). I never removed her from the party either.
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    I made a few tests, like moving her to another area and forcing her to join. The game crashes as soon as the joins the party, regardless of circumstances.
    Something in her saved cre-file that the game does not like.

    I have an assumption but I have to find an idea of how to verify it.

    By which methods did you buff her up to have all these HLA's and spells up to level 9?
    If a creature leaves the party, some are removed and are restored according the the progression tables when the NPC rejoins. Your Neera is filled to the brim with abilities and spells. I would assume that tuning her back down may solve the problem.
  • Should I post my .Cre files cconcerning neera? That might help? :)
  • I used EEkeeper :) . I used it before, it never gave me that problem, in all my playthroughs :). - On another note, Isra, and the others I had in the party were resetted correctly. It's strange neera didn't? 

    If she is not in the party, how can one tune her down?
  • I see. Yes it crashes for me as well. It looks like you had her in the party before, correct?
    If yes, where did you part?
    Celeghir said:
    Should I post my .Cre files cconcerning neera? That might help? :)
    Not necessary, it is in the saved game. That is how I can tell she has been tweaked quite excessively.

    Let me be open - your transition from SoD to SoA failed before because your protagonist was a god-like mage that could not be affected by any spell or script.
    You Neera looks the same. Szass Tam is a pale mage when compared to her.
    These are self-made problems that you cannot accost on the game or any mods.

    The way out here could be to replace the bugged Neera by the default Neera.

    I have tested that and it works. If you are interested in that solution, post the file OH6000.bcs from your BG2EE/override folder here. In case that file does not exist, you can extract the attached file directly into your BG2EE/override

  • Thanks Rox, I had to extract the file because it did not exist. I of course believe you when you say that it's due to cheating ^_^ . However, it's odd to me still, because I always played in this fashion, and it's the first time that I experience those specific problems on an EET run :) . Not saying it's not "my fault": I'd be curious to know why it happened now specifically :D eheh.
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