Problems installing EET Core

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So, as the title of the post suggests I am running into an error when installing the EET Core mods. Specifically, the installer is missing EET_End

This happened once on a bare-bones EET Core installation, once on my attempted mega-mod installation, and once while trying to use the mod manager tool.

In all 3 cases the installation stops while attempting to install the EET core files, which seems like a pretty big deal.

I am using the version of the mod manager downloaded from this page

And the failed manual EET installation was made using the latest version released on the GITHub page (the one release 18 days ago)

Any help or advice is appreciated.


  • This problem
    ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "EET/temp/biff/CBUTT.BAM")
    points to the case that you may not have the fully updated versions 2.5 of the both games required by EET.
    There was an issue in the way GoG was distributing the updates

  • Yeah, that does seem to be the problem. It seems I have BG EE version

    Is there a place I can just find a patch to apply to my BG EE install? Searching for patch 2.5 online turns up a lot of matches for BG II EE, but nothing with a download for BG EE.

    Also, it seems like recently BG EE has a new patch version that brings it out of line with SoD, so I'm assuming downloading the new 2.5.17 patch will ALSO cause the installation to fail xD

    I already ran both games, made a save in both (and for the ToB part of BG II EE), and I was running the installer with UAC disabled and all game directories in the GOG folder, which has full access allowed for all users, all permissions.
  • What you need for EET is BGEE/SoD v2.5.17 and BG2EE v2.5.16.6. Anything below that will fail.
    You need the full games, not just the GoG online patch, just as described in the previous post.
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    .....I mean, I get that. What I was asking was if the only way to get that specific patch was for me to buy a completely separate copy of the game I already bought, or if I could just download the 2.5.17 patch online since my BG EE is not connected thru steam, i.e. does not autopatch.

    Googling it has not helped me so far. I might be using the wrong keywords. I keep getting apk's, and I'm pretty sure that is just the cell phone version.

    Edit - Nevermind, I just torrented the damn thing since I could not find a way to patch my purchased copy.
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