Shar-teel pregnancy timer

I'm new to EET (coming from BGT). I recently installed bws-EE with the EET_Roxannes_Campaign2019.ini,
with play-through more or less following your journal.  

First of all, thank you so much for this beautiful work. Sandrah Saga in particular is absolutely stunning, and has reshaped my gameplay perspectives. 

One problem I encountered is that the Shar-teel's pregnancy stage doesn't advance

Shar-teel was first found pregnant after some time I entered the Baldur's gate (force talked with her, she said she felt sick, Sandrah inspected her and announced the pregnancy). I expect the next stage but that never happened (supposedly, it should be "Shar-Teel had another inspection from our healer Sandrah", according to your journal). I have waited for about 50 days in game, 4 hours in real life.

I noticed the following global values, they didn't change overtime. 

SANSHARINT 23                  (Sandrah-Sharteel interaction stage?)
SANSHARINTT 10183916    (interaction timer?)
SANSHARPREG 14686745    (pregnancy timer?)

Any suggestions? Thank you. 


  • Gamesave attached here
  • Try this
    C:SetGlobal("SanSharPregWD","Locals",0)   Your cursor must be over Sandrah's portrait when you do "Enter", because this is a Local variable sitting with her.
    You should get a talk next time your party comes to a city.
  • Worked like a charm. 
    Thank you!!!
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