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  • I'm sorry if it a wrong topic, but I have a problem and cannot seems to create a new topic.
    I don't see Xan BG2 in EET mods list selection, though I see it mod.ini, just cannot select mod in launcher. Is incompatibility really so grave? I would love to play with this mod.
    Help me please :(
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    I think you are referring to this mod http://www.pocketplane.net/xan ? The author has retired recently but has allowed anybody to update/adopt her mods. Sadly nobody has picked up Xan, although I have taken care of some of her other mods. The only other Xan mod is Xan friendship which adds to BG1 part in EET.

    There is no dedicated BG2 Xan mod for EET at this moment There is crossmod and extended banter added for him by various mods. At this point, the install tool correctly represents what is the status of the mods here.

    I make no promise at this moment but I may take a look into the mod over the weekend to see what would be required to make it EET-compatible. I am afraid the complex issue with Xan will turn out to be continuity. Xan was no original BG2 character and the BG2 Xan is therefore a different character from the BG1 Xan. This creates problems for EET continuity. To make an EET-BG2-Xan may turn out to be a project on its own.
  • Yes, I was refering to this mod exactly. I saw that it has BGEE compatibility, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem with EET, but it turn out otherwise it seems.
    Thank you for your answer and your intention though! I would hope to see Xan's return :)
  • I can provide some insight maybe because I looked into Xan's mod some time ago as a potential candidate for EET update.
    The problem is like @Roxanne hinted already. There is *Xan* the bioware original and there is *O#Xan* which is the BG2 mod added one. You cannot just make them one because a) you can't change a creature script name aka DV in game and b) O#Xan is referenced by many other BG2 mods with crossmod.
    Practically the only way to get a BG2-part Xan in EET would be to have him as independent new creature called "Xan" with anmesia about if you ever met him before. This would be just a technical compatibility with some continuity defects on the game play side. Even that fake Xan would be quite some work to do because O#Xan is a complex mod with many interactions in other NPCs and other mods.
  • I have done some homework.

    The Xan mod by Kulyok was released for adoption when the modder retired some months ago. I have done this:
    - provide EET compatibility
    - added continuity in a very limited way for EET in the way that Xan only appears in BG2 if you had him in the party in BG1 and if he was not killed earlier.
    - added some code that prevents overlap in ToB by preventing original Xan to be summoned from Fate Spirit.
    - added some checks and triggers throughout to prevent double Xan to appear.

    I will ask @Roxanne to publish the links on the website.
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    Which other mods do you have ready in your bottomless vaults?

    The information and the links are here now https://baldursextendedworld.com/Paulas-Adopted-Mods .  I will also update the install tool for the new EET compatibility.
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