Vampire World

Has anyone tried a walkthrough with this mod? I've only tried the starting area in candle keep a long time ago and it didn't properly give you drow or vampire stats and stuff. 

But it could improve later on in the game or so. It seemed promising but just buggy.


  • This mod works in a EET game, however, it really changes how you play the game. 
     You get the chance to become a Vampire as soon as you begin, however, this makes you ridiculously overpowered in the beginning, but forces you to use a heavy-stat drainer cloack in order to survive in sunlight, and EVERY Cleric in churches is gonna become hostile as soon as they see you, because they can know that you are a Vampire. 
  • I did include this mod in my newest install now. Still did not play anything except little on start in Candlekeep (most time I'm using other area for testing because I'm working on specific mod and scripts), and I can see when you enter the inn, you are asked if you wish to be Vampire. Race really change to Vampire, but I did not take time so far to inspect it more.
    I did try to suck blood by innate ability, get people hostile, killed few watchers and others and get killed by Gorion lol.

    Did anyone played this more? I found on net some topic about this where author represented mod, but if I recall it is from 2017 year. Is this mod maintaned now or?

    Good things which I found in that thread about Vampire World mod, he says that you can side with Bodhi and Irenicus at the end of BG2. That is something I would like to try :smiley:
    "Lolth be praised" :p
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