About biffing

Everyone says that biffing is not needed anymore for the Enhanced editions, but truth be told, if I install plenty of mods I do feel a bit of lag when certain things happen in game. Like starting a dialogue with an npc. It's not much, but it's definitely there.

I feel that biffing would help. Why exactly is it not recommended for EE?


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    The lag (if any) is nothing in EE that can be overcome by biffing. That workaround was applicable for the classic game because of the way files in override where handled.
    It solves nothing for EE.

    It does however create problems with sound and graphic files in EE, especially with the large outdoor area graphics that consist of a Tis-file and a number of associated PVRZ-files (like a tile mosaic that builds a larger picture). Those are background will be broken.

    The lag - and this is my personal experience after numerous play throughs with large EET stups - does not come from the amount of data you installed (this is in override and the stuff that was biffed in old games) but from the amount of data you have saved. It can take a while in late parts of the trilogy to load and save but also to check all the globals etc.

    I am no engineer, but one reason may be that the saves in EE are no longer in the game directory. In my own case they are in documents on my C: drive while the game is on D-drive
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