Not recommended on the first playthrough?

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I haven't played sod yet but I still figure to install your mod. You say it's not recommended but still it seems like it improves the quest from a roleplay perspective. Also it seems like your version of the quest is optional in the sense that you have to select dialogue options correctly to see the new stuff. Can you elaborate without too much spoiler the deal here?


  • The reason for this disclaimer is that the alternative added by my mod skips some other content:
    - a pit fight like sequence in which the protagonist and his group has to defend the coalition camp against several waves of enemies trying to break through to the explosives in the south of the camp. This is tactical challenge and not much content is lost, but anyway...
    - the actual Siege and conquer of Dragonspear. Big cinema like the Boarskyre Bridge before, a number of fights and interactions surrounding the battle.
    Instead of the above, you go with Caelar, you get a chance to demask Hephernan and you end up with Caelar at the seal where Hephernan betrays all of you. You follow him to Avernus as Caelar's ally. This is where the main plot and the diversion unite again. The Sword Coast troupes gain the Castle without battle and the crusaders disband except those who follow into Avernus.
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