Sirene EET portrait

Can I change it after install somehow? I picked the wrong one in EE Install tool. I see the ones I want in the mod packages but I don't know how to name them and where to put them to overwrite the one I installed.


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    Take the s, m, l portraits you want from the mod folder and name them Sirenes, Sirenem and Sirenel (unless they already are named that = default portrait) e.g. Sirene2L.bmp becomes SireneL.bmp.
    Put them into the BG2EE/override folder where BG2EE is the directory where you installed EET.
  • Thanks. Okay so far I follow. That seems okay for bg2 Sirene. But for Sirene in BG1 it's trickier because the portraits are only named Sirene, Sirene2, Sirene3 etc.
  • You are in EET, you need them only once. BG1 Sirene looks for the same files. Nothing to do.
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