Eroan's Journey - my EET log (FINISHED)

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I have received a lot of mails and messages during the last two years asking for an EET walkthrough or similar and always had to tell that I know of no such thing. The reaction often was "Why don't you write one yourself, you seem to know EET so well."
The last of those mail coincided with the completion of my new EET installation ready for my 2019 campaign. So...I decided to give it a try.

This will be an EET playthrough.
My first one with the game update to v2.5. The modlist I use was installed with the and is the one that comes with the tool in the compilations folder called EET_Roxannes_Campaign2019.ini.

I quickly created my protagonist for this game. Eroan male archer, half-elf, chaotic good, with some random stats as they came out on first roll. I found a fitting portrait and name and started the adventure. I never spend more than a minute on character creation, just decided I want an archer to try the A7#ImprovedArcher kit I had installed and because I never before played an archer.


  • This is Eroan
  • Day1 (Candlekeep - BG2600)

    Right in Candlekeep, when I walked up to Phlydia, one of the watchers approached me and gave me a weapon "Gift of Mystra" that someone had left for me the day before. I received Phlydia's book quest.

    With 100GP starting money, I visit Winthrop at the inn to purchase a short bow and some arrows, some bullets (360 in 3 slots with the mod setting for 120 ammunition stacks) for a later companion, 20 bolts (for Fuller) and a studded leather armour.

    I talked to Linda and Firebead to get their quests. I went upstairs for some loot but with little success, my sword could only open one chest and I have no thieving skills, so what.

    I fought Shank in the priest's quarter and retrieved Phlydia's book. I talked with Dreppin to get a new quest and cleared the rats in the storehouse. Mendas was a real challenge with the mod setting I have. I had to leave the battle and ask for a healing potion at the infirmary to stay alive. At that time I solved Linda's quest with Sir Trun and received Hull's quest at the gate. I returned to Mendas and was able to kill him this time.

    After the Mendas fight, Carbos in the bunkhouse was no problem any more. After a short visit to the barracks (asked Fuller for an errand and sold him the bolts - took Hull's sword and the potion from the chest) I returned to Hull and Dreppin to finish those quests.

    Now to the inner court where I ran into Imoen. After her standard talk she started to tell me of a priestess of Mystra she had met the night before (same that left the sword I received earlier). The two girls discovered Imoen's dormant talent for magic and Imoen asks the "hypothetical" question which kind of companion I would like should I ever go adventuring. The options are thief, mage or thief/mage, from which I chose mage.

    As soon as I got into Gorion's sight, I witnessed a conversation between him and Sandrah. She tries to offer some help but my foster father sent her away, claiming that the powers at work here were beyond her skills. Avoiding Gorion still, I took a circle around the library and met Finch on the western side near the chanters. The priestess of Deneir had finished her studies and set out for the Sword Coast where we may meet again. Continuing the round, I met Tethtoril who gave me the scroll for Firebead.

    Back at the inn, I sold my meagre loot to Winthrop, delivered the scroll to Firebead and finally went to meet Gorion. I left Candlekeep with 300XP and 174GP for the big adventure ahead.
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    Day 1 (Lion's Way BG2700)

    I escaped the ambush without an injury, the arrow aimed at me missed. Imoen joined me and she was in deed a mage. The initial spell she knows is "Charm Person", which includes me. Imoen was mage level 2 with the choices I made.

    I followed her initial advice to look for the letter on Gorion's corpse. I found Sandrah over Gorion's corpse, the priestess who left the Gift of Mystra sword at Candlekeep and who spoke to Gorion and Imoen already. Of course I let her join. She is a well equipped fighter/priestess of Mystra. She came at level 2/3 due to the fact that her adventuring days already have started earlier and she came all the dangerous way from Waterdeep alone to meet us.

    I took the letter from Gorion's body as well as a special dagger. The dagger caused a journal entry for a quest and I kept it.
    I followed Imoen's suggestion to bury Gorion under some stones.

    A short time later, we were approached by a non-hostile wolf. He was introduced as Haiass, my tame companion during my youth and willing to follow the adventure. I received a whistle that can call him if necessary. I used the force talk (PID) option to give him instructions how to behave during combat. My choice was that he shall attack spellcasters with priority. Haiass automatically follows the party and joins combat without occupying a party slot. He accepts healing potions or spells.

    The remaining day was spent with exploring the area further. I ran into Xzar and Montaron and neither Imoen nor Sandrah liked them to join. I took them anyway although I do not like them myself. I distributed their potions among the other party members and myself but kept them as meat shields for the first encounters.
    • Note - I never keep Xzar or Montaron long and when they die I remove them and forget about them. I normally treat my companions fair and make sure we part as friends when there is need to part, but those two are an exception. Even my evil protagonists never drag them along.
  • I always wanted to know, do you not use item revisions for personal preference. Or something else? 
  • I always wanted to know, do you not use item revisions for personal preference. Or something else? 
    I do not use item revision anymore, for a) it is outdated b) even if technically compatible, it does not recognize EET or add specific value and c) I do not put much emphasis on items lately.

    c) of course is most important. I started to travel light during the recent years and only take with me what the party really needs. I use no bags of holding anymore when I found I carried around stuff for 10 chapters that I never used. If today I kick out a party member, he keeps the equipment etc as a way to thank him for the assistance. I do not hunt for specific items (except plot items), You can win the game with any party composition and any equipment and any class. I am not a slave to possession.
  • Day 1 (Lion's Way BG2700) ...continued

    I checked what Binkos had to say and found that diamonds grow in trees.

    The wolves and bears in the area do not attack us because I am a ranger but also because Haiass is with me who has a similar effect.

    Kolssed was as little help as a hermit can be. I saved a man named Chase from jumping off a cliff by telling him to do just that. Psychology works in game like in real life.

    I felt ready to lead my party against the first real enemy, 2 hobgoblins and a bunch of kobolds in the NW of the area. Imoen's charm spell helped as some of them reacted and could be used to attack the others. My arrows together with Sandrah's hammer and the quickness of Haiass killed the rest. We "lost" Xzar to a stray arrow but not even his friend Montaron mourned over him. Removed from party and gone.

    Before I left the area, I tried the PID (force talk) option with my remaining companions. All of them offer various dialogue options that allow to learn more about their background and such, or just to keep the spirit of my company up.

    Looking over the edges of the map left me with two travel options: High Hedge or Coast Way. I decided on the latter because it leads towards Friendly Arm Inn where Gorion wanted me to go under such circumstances.

    I now had 358XP (need 2250 for next level) and 1359GP (thanks to rich girl Sandrah), a party of Imoen, Sandrah and Montaron plus my animal companion Haiass.
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    Day 2 (Coast Way - BG2800)

    Upon area entry, an old man approached with some strange inquiries. Among other things, he seemed to imply that Sandrah had left her home without her father's approval. Sandrah herself was not too happy to meet the guy because she thought that followers of Mystra might know her father. She and Imoen got closer with a shared secret.

    I explored the area anticlockwise - my usual habit with big overland areas. I did not solve the issue with the boy Jase, I never found out what he was good for in all those years. Not even unfinished business finished him...

    I ran into a bunch of caravan raiders. They provided me with a better armour for Montaron and a fibula from the murdered boy at their feet. They also had bandit scalps and those could be sold at different places but I did not take any. My character is a ranger but no headhunter and the idea of scalps is disgusting.

    North of the caravan we defeated an ogre who was much too strong. I used Sandrah as a bait who let him follow her in circles while Imoen and me hit him with arrows and bullets until he was finished. When I picked up the girdles from his corpse, Sandrah warned me about the cursed belt of gender. She explained to me the use of the large book she carries and that she can use it to identify items with it. The item must be in her inventory and she can use the book once in eight hours.

    At the crossroads we met Eldoth, a slimy bard, and I took him to disgust the girls. Imoen and Sandrah did not like him instantaneously. I silently agreed but I am the boss and we could use the extra fighting power.

    The exploration of the area gave me three more travel options: Beregost, Larswood and Friendly Arm Inn. I selected the latter to follow Gorion's hint. However, before moving there we needed a rest. Sandrah took the opportunity of the camp fire to tell a bit about her home Waterdeep and earlier experience on the road.

    The ring of princes (AC +1) found beneath a stone north of the way sign was for Imoen.

    I now had 536XP and 1557GP, a party of Imoen, Sandrah, Eldoth and Montaron plus my animal companion Haiass.
  • Day 2 (Friendly Arm Inn - BG2300)

    Before going inside, we took a tour once around the compound. The ring Evermemory (one extra spell for Imoen) under a stone in the SE was protected by a bunch of hobgoblins that gave us the hardest battle so far.

    There was another band of hobgoblins including wizards in the NE of the area. But the worst surprise was the hobgoblin with a stolen flame dance ring who used that ring to cast some flame spell. Montaron and Eldoth were killed. After that battle Sandrah offered to use her special healing connection to Mystra's Weave to bring back one of the fallen. I selected Eldoth and he was revived but both, Eldoth and Sandrah just survived the ritual with 1 HP left.

    We continued after some healing potions were consumed and I removed Montaron from the party. Like with Xzar I had no interest to invest in his resurrection.

    On the western side of the area we encountered two duergar who attacked us. Sandrah commented how strange their presence was because no entry to the underground was known to be nearby. (An explanation for it will become evident later.)

    It was time to enter the compound now and we went into the first house on the left. Joia inside gave us a quest. I already had the ring for which Montaron gave his miserable life, so the issue was solved real quick.

    I sold the diamond and girdle of gender to the merchants in the yard. Inside the temple Ratava Artsym had interesting items yet too expensive. Sandrah greeted her like an old friend and hinted at her name spelled backwards.

    A bounty hunter Tarnesh awaited us on the steps of the inn. After his demise there was a discussion with Imoen and Sandrah during which she dropped the names Khalid and Jaheira although I am sure I never mentioned those names to her. My female companions both indicated that the bounty hunter and those back at Candlekeep were sent by Gorion's murderer. But he does not know where we are and is to busy too pursue us personally.

    Imoen requested the spell book of Tarnesh for her mage studies and I agreed. Even if Imoen is erratic at times she has a priestess of Mystra at her side to prevent the worst. Imoen gained the scribe scroll ability, of course she had ten years at Candlekeep to look over the shoulders of monks doing it.

    Now it was time to get inside to consult Gorion's friends.
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    Day 2 (Inside the Friendly Arm Inn - BG2301)

    Upon entering the inn I was greeted by an old man Jopi who claimed to know a lot of old stories but had none for me this time. I made a mental note for later. There was also a gnome named Ygnatius Bombastus who involved me in a long winded story - in the end I agreed to find the book of one Karlini for him that should be at a place named Ulcaster School.

    I talked to Thorengrim in the corner and showed my polite manners. He mentioned a strange veiled creature that arrived a bit earlier and went to the upper rooms of the inn. I made a note to check this out later. He opened his shop for me and I bought a short bow +1 for me and a sling +1 for Imoen. Sandrah is sufficiently equipped so nothing for her. I did not invest in Eldoth.

    I tried my luck with Bentley but he had a quarrel with Eldoth just recently, as long as the bard is in our company, we will not be served at this inn, it seems.

    • Note - I ignore Dorn in this play through. I tried him in another one and will not waste time again. If I want evil, I rather take Boo. Nothing more to say about this topic.

    Finally we found Khalid and Jaheira in a corner, the ones we came for. During the conversation about Gorion and the next steps to take there was also an interlude between Sandrah and Jaheira and it becomes clear that the couple knew her parents and have met her as a child before. Khalid and Jaheira have joined my party. I had still some money left to buy some better equipment for the pair from Thorengrim.

    We went upstairs. (BG2302)
    The only interesting thing on the first floor was Unshey who lost her girdle to some ogre. I still had it and decided to give it back to her instead of keeping it for my party.

    On the second floor I talked to Landrin and received her quest. (BG2303)
    • Note - I skip the golden pantaloons. I solved that riddle before and it is not interesting enough for a replay.
    In the last room on the right I found a dead soldier and a githyanki who killed him. Jen'lig explained why she killed the man who committed a crime against her folks and Jaheira, Sandrah and Imoen provided some insights into the specific customs and advantages of a githyanki. I agreed to take her with us. The githyanki is a female and a thief; but with the specialization of her race for close combat with their silver swords she is as well a valuable fighter even if not getting fighter bonus.

    To have her in the party, I parted with Eldoth who went to wait at the Feldepost Inn at Beregost. This gave me the chance to try again my luck with Bentley, who now was much friendlier and provided regular services to us.

    After we left the inn, Jaheira took a chance to inquire with Sandrah. Jaheira does not fully trust Sandrah because the younger woman seems to act without consent of her father. Both woman share some knowledge about my Eroan but agreed that it is too early to reveal anything to Gorion's ward. Jaheira will observe Sandrah's every move, she said.

    While travelling from the inn a number of conversations from my companions triggered:

    - Jen'lig provided more detail about the very special artefact she is seeking, namely the very sword Gith herself was once wielding. The people who stole it are from the city of Baldur's Gate which is currently closed by the dukes. Travelling together may give all of us a chance to access the city sooner or later.

    - Jaheira brought up the topic of Gorion's burial and we decided that Candlekeep would be the adequate place for him if we could get access to the library again.

    - Sandrah received a letter from her father that indicated he found out about her current activity and is not too angry with her. The messenger was a little boy Giran who asked for 200gp for his service - we gave him 5gp. We will see him again for sure.

    This day's summary:
    - I had 1086XP and 607gp
    - I established an appropriately equipped party of six with Imoen, Sandrah, Khalid, Jaheira, and Jen'lig + my wolf companion Haiass
    - Our target seemed to be Nashkel in the south which was not yet directly reachable
    - From the Friendly Arm Inn I could reach Larswood and Upper Chionthar in addition to the maps already revealed before. I also learned about Ulcaster from the gnome in the inn, although the area was shown it was not directly reachable.
    - I decided to go to High Hedge (the first area revealed from Lion's Way) before going to Beregost on the road to the south.
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    Day 3 (High Hedge- BG3200)

    While on the road to High Hedge (I traveled via Coast Way hoping for some new spawns to kill for XP) my companions start to banter with me or among each other. Sandrah is very interested in any memories I may have of my past and also about Imoen. She and Imoen are sometimes serious and sometimes silly together. Jaheira teaches and corrects us.

    With the party of six, enemy groups that spawn have become more challenging due to my mod selection.

    • Note - I avoid Kivan at High Hedge for the moment, I want to keep Khalid/Jaheira until I finish the first quest (Nashkel mines).

    South of the Tower building a gnoll veteran dropped Perdue's short sword. Named items are always worth picking up.

    Jen'lig had a very interesting banter with Khalid and Jaheira about the *concept* of marriage which is unknown to her race. Jaheira tries to explain to her the difference between marrying and enslaving spiced with some comments from Khalid on the subject...

    I ran into Permidon Stark to have a completely pointless conversation with that fool.

    In the hut in the north I ran into a werewolf. There were two dialogue option to either attack or retreat, I retreated to learn more about the situation first. On the stairs to the tower we met Aiwell. We learned that the werewolf in the hut actually is her husband Tonder who was infected by another werewolf. There are only two options, either kill Tonder for her or help to convince Thalantyr to produce a cure. I agreed to talk to the mage.

    Sandrah took the chance with Jaheira not in sight to ask Khalid about her mother. Khalid had known her and provides some detail before they are interrupted by the ever watchful Jaheira.

    In another conversation Sandrah asked me again about Imoen and her appearance and past in Candlekeep. She was puzzled by the story told by the monks that she and me came to Candlekeep at different times which did not really match to what little memory we both had of those events. I became aware how little I actually know about myself.

    Jen'lig asked me to look for a silver amulet and I told her that they should be easy to find. These things seem to play an important role for her race. I really found a silver necklace on one of the gnolls we defeated in the area. Jen'lig took it and turned it into an anti mindflayer amulet. Those are the nemesis of the githyanki and they enslaved her race until Gith started the rebellion against the oppressors and freed the githyanki. Not that there are mindflayers on the surface of the Sword coast...

    It was time to enter Thalantyr's home. I sent Jen'lig and Sandrah ahead to take care of the flesh golems while we fired from the distance. They hardly survived but we defeated them and Jen'lig could level up to gain points for finding traps and opening locks.

    We introduced ourselves to Thalantyr. First I asked him about the cure for Aiwell and he claimed he would do it if I could provide one of the necessary ingredients. I selected belladonna and we need to find that now. In a second talk I tried to trade with him but found that his items were still beyond my budget. He also recognized Sandrah whom he had met as a child - not a great wonder as he is as well an agent of Mystra.

    On outside areas I always explore the map edges to make adjacent areas visible. High Hedge added Rocky Coast and Red Canyons to my worldmap. I now had 1580 XP and 891gp. Party remained Imoen, Sandrah, Khalid, Jaheira, and Jen'lig + my wolf companion Haiass.

    We were ready to travel to Beregost.
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    Day 4 (Beregost - BG3300)

    As soon as we entered town, Imoen wanted to go shopping, Sandrah chimed in with that. I explored the town starting in the north.

    We ran into a group of adventurers on the square in the north. They had a riddle trying to figure out how to distribute the gold earned with their recent adventure. Imoen quit the mathematical problem and left it for me to solve. I gave them the answer
    and earned Jaheira's approval.

    Shortly thereafter we met Neera who asked for help. When the red wizards of Thay made their appearance, Sandrah immediately took the side of the wild mage and expressed her disgust for the *red scum*. The red wizards in return were not happy to find a priestess of Mystra siding with Neera. We helped her and Sandrah pointed out that we had a kind of obligation to assist somebody whose life we saved. The party was full and I want to keep Khalid/Jaheira until I finish the Nashkel mines, so I used my trick for such situations:
    • Note - I accepted Neera into the party and when the selection screen came up to kick a member out, I again selected Neera. This opened her parting dialogue which allowed me to sent her to Friendly Arm Inn where I may pick her up later at my discretion. There are some Neera related mods in my setup and she is the only one among the new EE companions I consider to take as a party member.

    Next came a visit to the large mansion in the north of town. I talked to the guards and the owner; Imoem and Sandrah discussed about owning such a place one day and the husband to share it with. (This is a bit foreshadowing events, as Travenhurst mansion plays a central role in the Sandrah/Imoen quests later on.)

    Sometime after we entered the town, Sandrah told me about a petrified priestess in some playground area who awaits her rescue. (This obviously relates to Branwen). I agreed that we keep our eyes open.

    We visited the house of Mirianne and received her quest. Upstairs in the house we found a Golem Construction Manual. Once you identified the item, Sandrah points out its usefulness because knowing how golems are constructed gives you an advantage when fighting them since you know their weak points.

    It was still too early for Taerom's smithy to open, so we entered the "Red Sheaf". A bounty hunter was awaiting us, but we got help from Finch, the cleric of Deneir I already met ar Candlekeep. She can join the party either now or later. My group was full so I left her at the inn. Finch is a nice addition to the game with her own quest and a lot of dialogue with the protagonist and other NPCs. Her content however is for BG1 only.
    We also collected a small reward with Perdue's sword found at High Hedge when we talked to him at the inn.
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    Day 5 (Beregost - BG3300) night

    The Burning Wizard further up the street had potential companions although I took none of them along at the time.

    Rose, a bard, asked us for help because a drunkard accused her of theft and would not let her go. I scared the fool away just and Rose gave me my *share* of the booty and offered to join. I did the same trick as with Neera and she will be at the Burning Wizard if I want to take her later.
    Drake, a priest of Tyr, was sent to hunt Basilius and is best recruited before you hunt that madman although he is not depending on that event.
    • Note - both are interesting NPCs to be tried at least once. Drake has as well SoD content, Rose has a quest regarding Silke and has only BG1 content - she was planned for a bigger mod but sadly abandoned many years ago.  

    In front of the inn we talked to Garrick and agreed to do his job. He led us back to Silke in front of the Red Sheaf. We refused to kill the merchants and had to fight her.
    • Note - You can recruit Garrick at any time after that event, he has a nice quest from BG1NPC mod. I usually kick him out shortly after his quest that starts at the carnival and ends at Ulcaster. Once he has his item, he is not too interesting any more and the mods that enhance him in BG1 are too buggy for me.

    The new day arrived and we are still in Beregost. I sent Jen'lig into a number of houses to open locks and look for some loot. Thanks to her skills Eroan levelled up (+5 HP +1 lore).

    In the north of the main square a woman named Alanna approached me and told me of her trouble. She led me to a house in the south-west of the square. Inside was her neighbour turned into a slime. I inspected the slime to find a note that mentioned Tulbor. I had seen this guy earlier at the Red Sheaf so I went back there. There is an option to get the elixir to revert the transformation with dialogues. I refused to pay the scoundrel and had Jen'lig steal the bottle from him. We returned to release the guy and hear his story. Most fun in this quest is the reaction of the party members and Imoen/Jaheira/Khalid is the ideal combination for this episode.

    I went next door into Kagain's shop. I talked to him until I received the information about the emblem we found on the boy murdered at the caravan raid north of Beregost.

    • Note - I did not recruit Kagain and have no intention to use him later. Even with all the mods I have installed he is just too uninteresting to drag along. The *finished* caravan quest that is now part of the game (former mod content) is too little to change that.
    I went into the Jovial Juggler and was greeted by Morwen who wanted to join me. I sent her away.
    • Note - This NPC is from the Dark Horizon mod and was a planned addition that never came to be. Except for the joining dialogue there is nothing. Maybe one day there will be but it is like this for quite a long time already, so I am not waiting.
    I talked to Bjornin and received his half-ogre quest. Afterwards Sandrah, my healer, took care of his injuries in her way.
    Gurke gave me another quest for a lost cloak in Cloakwood.
    When I went up the stairs in the back near the kitchen I found a group of necromancers in a room. I did not pester them, they were beyond my party's skills at that time. They provide nothing but XP for higher level parties so nothing lost by avoiding them.

    In the house next door we ran into a bunch of spiders. Afterwards I was able to gather the items required by Landrin at the Friendly Arm Inn.

    At the fountain in the square west of that house was Magnus, a dwarven merchant with a lot of good but expensive stuff.
    • Note - the merchant (and some others) is there throughout the whole trilogy. Things you sell to him in one part of the game can be bought again in later parts. Of course this has its price but still it is useful at times.
    I bought a better weapon for Khalid. It was the only item we could afford but my party is overall well equipped for this part of the early game. I may not need to buy much stuff anymore from this point on since booty will get richer from here on.

  • Day 5 (Beregost - BG3300) dawn

    In the house opposite to Feldepost Inn we met again Firebead from Candlekeep. This time he asked me to get him a book. It can be bought just across the street at the inn (the most logical place in Faerun to buy books).

    When we entered the inn, Sandrah seemed to feel at home immediately enjoying the luxury and she infected Imoen with it as well. When I played along that line, she flirted with me.
    I sold all unnecessary items from our inventories to the innkeeper and purchased Firebead's book and some gurryl berries - the latter where a possible ingredient for the anti-werewolf potion that Thalantyr could brew.
    In the inn you can find Tiax, cleric of Cyric.
    • Note - in this setup Tiax has an extra quest from the BG1NPC mod. It is also interesting to have him and Sandrah in the party due to the history of Cyric and Mystra. Finally you can recruit Tiax again in SoA after the revolt in the Asylum where you free him.

    We returned to Firebead with the book and got rewarded. One thing was a History of the Dead Three - this is essential reading for everyone who wants to play the whole saga and get the story, you MUST know who those three guy were. The other thing was a quest for Sandrah to get a demonic scroll from a chest upstairs to be delivered to her father should she meet him on her travels. We went upstairs and found the scroll which provided a journal entry. Going back down again there was a message to inspect the scroll a bit more and we found that it can talk. Only, what it had to say made little sense at this moment. I stored it in the inventory for later use.

    By that time, Thunderhammer Smithy had opened and we checked it out, but with our limited budget there was nothing of interest among the affordable items.

    New travel options from Beregost were Temple and Trade Way North.

  • Day 5 (Trade Way North - BG3800)

    When we entered the area there was a terrible whining from someone named Kessy although she was not in sight anywhere. Following the road we ran into ogrillons who had killed a man. We picked a letter for Mirianne from the dead body to return it to his wife in Beregost. Jaheira got injured significantly while fighting the ogrillons and Sandrah cast a healing spell on her - this caused a lecture from the druid and once more Jaheira expressed that she does not trust Sandrah's motifs.

    We followed the road further halfway down the map to find Kessy. She was missing Jumper, a rabbit. I agreed to find him for her just to stop that noise in the area. She directed me to the west of the map.

    In a tree beside the sunken house was a key. I kept it for later (it fits to Haeball's desk in Larswood - more of that when the time comes). Near a lone cave we ran into Bud Snikt - a relic from old days and a joinable NPC without any content. A hobgoblin nearby dropped a pair of boots for Jen'lig (can be given to Zurlong in Beregost for a small reward but I kept them.)

    In the cave we found an injured elf but Jen'lig immediately warned me of evil and a voice manifested in my brain trying to communicate. The elf turned out to be an illithid and although already badly wounded he was still very dangerous. Afterwards Jen'lig gave me more information about her enemy race and it became a bit clearer why githyanki are such fierce fighters to survive against such a foe.

    West of the cave was the ogre Ugh who played with a rabbit. It was of course Jumper. I convinced Ugh to give the rabbit to me and promised to find a new friend for him. I gave the rabbit to Kessy and found out that her father breeds these animals. At the Nashkel carnival I should be able to buy a new friend for Ugh.

    At the southern end of the road were two bounty hunters, Tristan and Isolde.

    • Note - They are added by the Dark Horizon mod and have quite powerful items. It is a matter of taste to pick them up or ignore them. For a modded game like in my setup, they are not overpowered despite comments you can find in some posts all over the net. I gave Imoen a returning dagger and Khalid a sabre. For my player character there was a leather+1.

    New areas on my worldmap were Ulcaster and Trade Way South.
  • Day 5 (Temple of Lathander - BG3400)

    I went back to Beregost and exchanged the letter for Mirianne for a ring of protection +1 she gave me. Upon leaving her house I continued to the temple area.

    Near the entry to the temple I met Gavin. He had just some introductory words this time but becomes joinable once you come out of the temple again.

    • Note - Gavin is an NPC who can accompany you through the whole trilogy. He has smaller quests in BG1 and in SoA and can have a romance with a female character. He has a wide spectrum of banters with the protagonist and many NPCs including some mod NPCs. He is a very well integrated character. The special thing about this NPC is that he has nothing special. He is Mr. Normal and that makes him refreshing. His topics are everyday topics and he likes to exchange opinions without enforcing his views.
    In the yard of the temple there was Sirene, a tiefling paladin of Ilmater.

    • Note - Sirene is another NPC with content all through the trilogy. She has a friendship path during BG1/SoD and a possible romance in SoA. As a paladin she is sensible to alignment and reputation.
    I took neither Gavin nor Sirene at this time, they stayed in their places and can be picked up later.

    Inside the temple Kelddath gave us the quest about the mad priest Basilius. The temple is one of the central places in this region for items and plot triggers at various times.

    North of the temple we ran into a drunk who pretended to be a lich and wanted all our money. He fell asleep but my companions urged me to organize some help. We reported the event to the temple and they agreed to take care.

    I went further east from the temple into the wilderness to test the abilities of my party in combat against several monster groups.

    An astrologer Galileus told of his observation of two new starts in a region of the sky where gods are represented. A few steps further on, Rudier had a more real problem and told us of phantoms in a nearby cave. This turned out to be the most challenging area in the game so far with a variety of new opponents.

    That cave contained many useful items and enough XP to level up Jaheira and Khalid. We talked to the phantom Torqion and I agreed to help him because it is more interesting to solve his quest than to just kill him. Once out of the cave there was an option to consult with Sandrah about the sword he asked for. She had a hint to ancient places on the Sword Coast which reminded me of a man named Charleston Nib who visited Candlekeep a while ago.

    After killing some vampiric wolf we had enough points to level up Jen'lig and my own character.

    We found a petrified woman in the south east of the area and had to go back to the temple to buy a scroll to free her. I sold most of the loot from the Torqion cave at the occasion. Cattack's group of hobgoblins was no threat to us anymore after the experience boost from the area. We freed the petrified woman and gained some information about basilisks.

    We had just explored the whole area when it became dark. The option was to take an inn at Beregost or rest outside because some companions got sleepy and we had spent all our spells at well. I tried the camp in the wilderness.

    Sandrah asked me about Gorion's ring and while inspecting it we found the letter "A" engraved, not "G" like Gorion. She suggested it might be a hint to his murderer but I knew Gorion had the dagger already a long time. The only "A" I could think of in his life was Alaundo but again it showed how little I knew about my foster father.

    New areas revealed: Sharp Teeth Plain.
  • Day 6 (Trade Way South - BG4300)

    As soon as we reached the area, there was a quarrel between Imoen and Sandrah with Imoen getting angry about Sandrah flirting with all the men they meet. They agreed that the next one would be Imoen's prey.

    As we followed the road, we came to a hobgoblin camp which was no problem for the party which gets more and more efficient.
    The bigger challenge was a secret cave behind a bush just east of the camp fire. It was the home of a goblin chief with his bodyguards, worgs and shamans. We found a knight's shield in the cave which Sandrah's tome could identify.
    Just west of the hobgoblin camp were the bodies of a murdered family. We found an amulet identifying them as the (or part of the) Colquetles.

    After another encounter with a vampiric wolf, Imoen was ready to level up. With her new spells added and the fact that it was near midnight and we had exhausted all our healing spells and potions - it was time for a rest.

    Postcard from the Trade Way:

  • Day 7 (Trade Way South - BG4300)

    We woke up with Jaheirah's reminder to go to Nashkel soon.

    A while later we met a strange eremite Portalbendarwinden and Sandrah kept her word, this guy she left for Imoen...

    Next was a half-orc named Uguth on his way to Baldur's Gate. I kept him alive and wished good luck (this leads to a small quest later at the Elfsong).

    In the middle of the area Shar-Teel challenged me for a fight, she lost and agreed to join me.

    • Note - She has a wild romance added by the BG1NPC mod and equally wild interactions with Sandrah. She can play a significant role for a male NPC in later parts of the game. There is also an attempt for Shar-Teel in SoD but that mod got stuck in early beta and is not compatible with the rest; it is not considered in this setup.
    I will pick up Shar-Teel later in this play through.

    Lord Foreshadow on the road to the south triggered a discussion about Neverwinter among my companions.

    The remaining area were mild encounters to harvest XP and Khalid could again gain a level.

    New areas added were Lonely Peaks, Carnival, Nashkel and Wilderness Lake.
  • Day 8 (Carnival - BG4900)

    I chose the Carnival as our next destination before we go to Nashkel itself. In the north  east was a herb collector who gave Sandrah some Aescalus leaves she can use to enhance normal healing potions. We stored them away because my healer would need a tool she left at Waterdeep to make use of the herb. Maybe our travels will lead us there some day.

    The whole northern wooded part of the area was infested with kobolds who were really nasty as some of them had fire arrows.

    When we came to the tents of the carnival itself, Sandrah recognized the scenery and reminded me of the petrified priestess I promised to free.

    A locked chest by the eastern tents contained a special book (it is one of the books for Finch's quest). I stored it for later use. In the same area were some NPCs, Keira and Skeezer, who tried to join our party, I rejected them.

    • Note - these are NPCs from DSotSC that have no content at all and were created in the early days of modding as role models. Similar to Bud Snikt (same mod) they are just historical supernumeraries in an EET environment.

    Imoen had taken her leisure time to study Tarnesh's spellbook and presented proudly her results. I put her new item into one of her quick slots to test what it can do.

    We found the petrified Branwen and Zeke tried to squeeze us for money to buy a scroll to free her. Jaheira stepped in and simply smacked the bastard until he delivered the scroll. I did not yet take Branwen into the party.

    • Note - Branwen is a possible romance for a male NPC thanks to the BG1NPC mod. The romance covers only the BG1 part of the game where Branwen originally existed only. There is a mod that continues Branwen in SoA, but it was done in the days before SoD and does not really fit into an EET setup. This is the case for some older mods that tried to continue BG1 NPCs into SoA. Ajantis and Tiax are the only exception I know that fit into a continuous game. Coran works if you use the BG1NPC component for him together with the BG2 Coran mod.

    In a tent we defeated the mage Zordral and saved Bentha. Near the tents we found the rabbit breeder who sold us one specimen for the ogre Urg.

    The carnival was closing, our spells were used from fighting those kobolds, so I ordered a rest. In the morning Sandrah woke me up with a kiss on the cheek. I did not object to see what would come next.

    Areas added to the worldmap: Valley of Tombs, Nashkel Mines.
  • Day 8 (Nashkel - BG4800)

    Since we came from the carnival, we entered at the east side of the map near the windmill and Joseph's house. We went into the house and received the quest from his wife to look out for him.

    Near the bridge was Mrs. Blackwood with her children. She has a long-winding, sometimes funny quest where you need to babysit her children for a while. It is one of those little quests you can do once...I did in the past so skip it this time.
    Also near the bridge, when Sandrah saw Edwin she warned me once more of the red wizards. (Like illustrated in the Neera episode, she really disgusts them. However it is no problem to have her and Edwin in the party, they quarrel a lot but that is all.)

    • Note - Edwin is one of the continuous NPCs that appear in all parts of the game. When you take him into the party and develop him, you get the same Edwin with spells and stats in the various parts. There are also mods that add friendship and romance options to his SoA/ToB part. Special to Edwin is that he appears in the SoA thieves guild even if killed in BG1 or SoD in order not to disrupt the quest. The same is true for Imoen's appearance in Irenicus' dungeon. Otherwise NPCs do not appear in later parts of the game if they died earlier.

    At the entrance of the Belching Dragon, Mrs. Brunnstein asked for help. Her son Aaron and his girlfriend Marina were missing, The girl was found dead but the son was not found. The ranger Barin in the temple had more information.

    Inside the Belching Dragon we talked to Volo. He had a long tale about the mines. He seemed to know Sandrah's father and gave her a book about Mystra's history - probably one of his own works. It is interesting reading to know about a companions background. Volo appears in other parts of the trilogy and is always worth talking to.

    We found a side entrance of the Belching Dragon on the north side of the house that led to a snirfneblin's room. Karea is a merchant who is either here or near the Nashkel shop outside, depending on the time of day. Karea had interesting things to sell and bought just about everything except stolen goods. She can also enhance the shield we found in the goblin's cave earlier when the right dialogue options are chosen.

    North of the inn, I talked to Minsc to learn about Dynaheir. I agreed to help him and did my take into party/kick out again trick. Anyway, I have no intention to take him through BG1.

    • Note - Minsc is another one of the EET continuous NPCs.

    Next I talked to Oublek who offered me a reward as he mistook me for a bounty hunter. I had no scruples to leave him to his error and took the money.

    The major Berrun Ghastkill approached us and gave us the quest for the mines. Jaheira was delighted when I accepted it.

    Standing next to Berrun was Valerie, a cowled wizard of Amn to investigate the events in the border area between Amn and Baldur's Gate where we currently are. She was stuck at the moment in her quest because of Brage, commander of the local garrison, was missing. I will recruit her later.

    • Note - Valerie is an interesting NPC with her background as a cowled wizard. Playing with her in BG1 and then meeting her organization later in SoA may change the role playing aspect quite a bit. Cowled wizards are no longer faceless opponents but individuals with a history and story of why they serve this organization. The mod has only BG1 content, much was written about a SoA/ToB extension but it never happened until now. Maybe it is not too bad, the NPC feels complete as it is and having her in Amn may just over-complicate things.

    Next we went into the temple of Helm.
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    Day 8 (Nashkel Temple - BG4802)

    We talked to Barin about Mrs. Brunnstein's quest. He told us that the ambush took place near a waterfall in the south. There were traces of gnolls that probably took the boy further west from there. He also told us of a ghost, probably the murdered girl, that appears near the waterfall at night.

    Nalin, the priest of Helm, recognized Sandrah from former times. He gave us more details about the missing Brage who was already mentioned by Valerie outside. The captain of the guard seems to be under some influence that makes him act like a madman. He asked us to bring him to the temple for cure if we find him instead of killing him or delivering him to the garrison for execution. There seemed to be some interesting story to Brage which makes killing the least preferable option.

    While being save at the temple I also took the opportunity to use PID on all my party members to learn more about them.
    Finally I talked once more with the demonic scroll which provided me with further detail and a journal entry but still no real clue what to make out of it. Wait and see.
  • Day 8 (Nashkel - BG4800) continued

    In the graveyard I could not resist to click on Mark D's gravestone to check if Daer Ragh would still appear...(No spoiler, see yourself).

    The shopkeeper Henning seemed to have some interest in Imoen beyond selling her pink garments. She started a discussion with Sandrah a while later indicating that this interest was not one-sided.

    Next to the shop we met Karea again, the  snirfneblin merchant. This time she asked us for gooseberries. I had collected some in the wilderness areas before and gave some to her as a gift.

    Nearby Rassad did his acrobatics. I ignored him for the same reason I already ignored Dorn.

    A rather pathetic single assassin waited inside the inn. In a side room was the family Undentzieht who play a role in another quest later.

    Crossing the bridge in the north of the area makes Haiass gain an extra level from the experience he made with the party. I went on the explore the area west of the river. I found another Ankheg plate mail beneath the lone bush at the side of the ploughed field. Khalid or Sandrah were the only ones who could use it at this time and both were already well equipped. I stored it for a future party member.

    I stepped into, Noober. I endured him to have a later episode where he looks for a warm place to recover. Afterwards I talked to Edwin and did the take into party/kick out trick with him.

    Near the large mansion in the north I saved the boy Arnim from his hostile baby wyvern. This will have some consequences with the aforementioned Undentziehts. Inside the mansion I avoided talking to Trask, he is part of the Finch quest and the gnome cleric was not with me at this time.

    Outside again, Imoen came up with the urgent shopping list of missing supplies and ran ahead to the Nashkel shop to place our orders. We followed her, knowing her true reason to re-visit the shop. We were stopped by the Undentziehts and a soldier who accused us of having killed her son's pet. I was able to sort the misunderstanding but there remains the open issue about a mixed up delivery. (This quest has a sequel in the Cloakwood...)

    At this point I decided to gain some more experience with the party before going to the Nashkel mines. Jaheira's urge to meet Ghastkill was satisfied and the worldmap was full of unexplored areas. There were still the items for Landrin in my inventory.

    Area added Xvart Village and Fire Leaf Forest.
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    Day 9 (Wilderness Lake - BG4200)

    As soon as we came to the wilderness, Imoen started to study animal tracks. She was looking for traces of winter wolves. Further discussion revealed that of course it was because of Henning in Nashkel and it was an excuse to return there once we had a pelt. Romance seemed to be in the air anyway as Sandrah flirted with me again.

    Teyngan and his friends tried to rob us but were no real challenge. Further north we eliminated the half-ogres who injured Bjornin. Sandrah would just have been too happy to report this back to the paladin, but I denied her too much pleasure.

    We helped Drizzt against the gnolls. In the conversation after the battle he made a remark regarding Sandrah's hammer and her father which indicated he knew her already. I did not fight Drizzt - in my setup there is much mod content regarding him and I need him alive.

    • Note - In BG1, Drizzt appears in the Dynaheir quest from BG1NPC mod as well as in the Drizzt Saga after finishing Durlag's tower. Next is his appearance for Region of Terror in SoA and later as a possible ally against Bodhi after Underdark.

    I tried to rest in the hut at the lake but resting inside was not permitted so we camped on the lakeside. Imoen approached Jen'lig with a pan because it was the githyanki's turn to cook this day. We received some insight into the eating habits of her race but Imoen discovered just in time that she made an error with the schedule. This time Sandrah woke me with a real kiss but I told her that I would like to build our relationship a bit slower, if at all.

    Imoen made her fun of Sandrah's advances and had to clarify that my rejection was not because of some interest between me and Imoen...Group dynamics were getting even more complicated when Jaheira quarrelled with Sandrah claiming that she and her husband walked together far too often.

    The whole trouble dissolved with the sun reflecting in the nearby lake and my counsellor proposing for us all to take a splashing bath. After that scene, everybody needed to get dressed again and gather their equipment, a good chance to get rid of a lot of unused luggage.

    More adventure would keep my party occupied and away from quarreling so I decided on Red Canyons.

    And there were no winter wolves at Wilderness Lake

    Area added to worldmap: Ancient Ruins.
  • Day 10 (Red Canyons - BG3700)

    We found Basilius surrounded by undead in a stone circle in the south east. Jaheira spoiled my attempt to persuade the madman to give up without fight. After his defeat Sandrah was mumbling about "family business" which only made sense later on when her relation to Cyric became more apparent.

    In the middle of the area we ran into the hobgoblin Zargal and his men. What appeared like just another hobgoblin encounter turned into a bigger challenge when Zargal called his re-enforcements, two Ettins.

    The double encounter of Basilius and Zargal left its toil on the party's health and spell resources, so we sought some sheltered place to make camp. At the nightly campfire Sandrah told me about her dead mother for the first time.

    Next morning Jaheira and Imoen had a conversation about Jaheira maybe being less frustrated if she would become a mother - that dialogue alone is reason to keep this party combination for so long.

    I have re-considered Sandrah's offers for romance. In my current party she is the only candidate (Jaheira and Imoen are no options and for the female githyanki love is an unknown "concept"). Also, Sandrah does not kill any other romance if the chance arrives later. I used the PID option to re-activate her romance talks.

    In a dead end passage in the north east was a merchant Trungle for supplies. Not far away Kissiq told us of a talking chicken.

    Sandrah now provided me with an option to ask her about my suspicions regarding her heritage. She confessed who her father was and also provided me with an explanation why she did not tell me that detail right from the start. It may be true but like with many things she states, some doubt remained whether it is already the full truth.

    In the north east we killed a lonely wolf and were approached by the talking chicken mentioned before. When the chicken mentioned Mystra as the source of his current state, Sandrah issued the suspicion that this could only be Melicamp, an old acquaintance. We agreed to take him to his teacher Thalantyr.

    New areas available: Seawatcher
  • Day 11 (Finishing open quests)

    We now did a bit of travelling back to already visited areas with the plot items we found for the still open quests:

    • We brought Melicamp to Thalantyr to be transformed to his former self. The mage required a skull for his work which was easy to provide since all the skeletons outside dropped one. The human Melicamp told us of how he became a chicken and we also learned about his past experience with Sandrah at Waterdeep.
    • While we were at High Hedge I gave the mage the guril berries I had found and he turned them into a potion for the werewolf. I gave the potion to Tonder who swallowed it but it did not work and he attacked us. I reported the outcome to his wife who accused me of not even having tried to help, she called me killer and I lost 1 point rep. (This reaction feels like it is a bug in the mod?)
    • We brought the rabbit to Urg at Northern Nashkel Road who was happy about his new best friend.
    • When we entered the Friendy Arm Inn to deliver the items to Landrin, an inn dream scene triggered. I observed Elminster and Sandrah discussing the death of her mother Khalindra. Her fate was involving the God of Murder and his spawns and took place during the Time of Troubles. (Sandrah's story is at all times very closely related to the protagonist's Bhaal heritage.)
    • After that interlude, I brought the items to Landrin. I triggered the talk with her four times, 3 times for each of the items and one more to let her travel back to Beregost to her home. She invited me for a tea should I pass through town in the future. (From that point on she will be in the house in the south of Beregost and you will receive some healing for the party if you drink a cup of tea with her.)

    In order to go south again and make it to the Nashkel mines, I decided to take a route via those maps east of the Trade Way.
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    Day 13 (Larswood - BG2900)

    In the south east of the area was a large group of goblins including a chieftain and shaman. They had a gnome prisoner. We had to be careful with our spells and weapons to keep the gnome slave alive.
    After the battle we freed the slave and he gave us the location of a small treasure. Of all companions, it was Jen'lig who encouraged me to set the impertinent gnome free, claiming that no creature should be enslaved. There was a pair of useful goblin boots on a dead shaman.

    The tower in the south of the area was inhabited by the mage Haeball. Sandrah did not trust him nor did he like her presence, but this was foreshadowing later events.
    • Note - Do NOT use the key to his desk (from the sunken house) at this time. Just be polite and use his large offer of supplies. He is a plot figure for several quests and you should confront him as late as possible to finish a quest quite late in BG1. 

    Fighting Osmandi brought me a studded leather +2 and some druid items for Jaheira. Finding out Corsonne's fraud and defeating him gave us usable items as well. Jaheira made frustrated comments on the behaviour of these druids.

    A messenger, Landrel,  appeared and addressed Sandrah. Elminster would need our assistance with a problem and invites us to meet him at the Temple of Wisdom at Friendly Arm Inn (This is a timed quest in so far as you need to visit Elminster within 2hours real clock playing time, otherwise Sandrah will go alone to do the task. Once you talked to the old mage, there are no more constraints.)

    New area revealed: Spider Wood
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    Day 14 (Demonic Scroll Quest)

    After Landrel's visit and having finished Larswood for the moment, it was convenient to go back to the Friendly Arm Inn to pursue Elminster's quest. Elminster informed us that his Shard has been stolen from him. The theft was probably performed by some duergar, which reminded us of the ones we met west of the inn.
    It came out that the demonic scroll we received from Firebead was involved in the plot. We were witnessing the struggle between two demons named Naronguth and Alzaligundrel. The scroll was some kind of entry pass for the lair of one of them. To trace the missing shard, the scroll was our only hint. Its dialogue gave us the clue to search for a waterfall in the south of the region, most likely in the Cloudpeak mountains.
    As a last bit of advice, Elminster tutored us to use our wits rather than our weapons when dealing with those demons. They are far too powerful for a fledgling adventurer party.

    We took the opportunity to rest at the inn. I had a second dream involving Sandrah's mother and the child of Bhaal she mothered. The message of that dream was that children of the God of Murder are not evil by birth but can shape their inherited power if their will is strong enough. Those children now have reached adulthood.

    The southern areas were on our list anyway and Elminster's quest not pressing, so I decided to continue the eastern path southward just like planned. After an overland ambush we took a cup of tea with Landrin at Beregost that healed the party.

    As Bjornin was just next door we went to report about the half-ogres and received a shield +1 reward. He asked Sandrah once more for her healing skills.

    I decided on Ulcaster School next. On the way we stopped at the Beregost temple to hand in Basilius' holy symbol and receive our reward.
  • Day 15 (Ulcaster School - BG3900)

    We entered at the northern rim and although the mob groups awaiting us did not appear spectacular, the caused significant damage due to their numbers and enhanced tactics.

    Some shady character Furret tried to sell us a magical gem for whatever purpose. The price was too steep for an item I could not inspect, so no deal.

    In a peaceful part of the area there was a scene between Jaheira, Khalid and Sandrah. The three went to explore an ancient druid grove together and when they returned it seemed that they had settled their former disputes. Jaheira and Khalid were closer than ever and Sandrah had obviously not tried to steal Khalid from his wife, they just were friends in the best sense.

    The battles in the area allowed Eroan to level up to archer, level4. We were ready to enter the ancient school now. I talked to the Ulcaster ghost several times until I received his book quest.

    The confrontation with Icharyd and his end by our joint force caused Jen'lig to talk about her home plane. Her city is built on the petrified corpse of a dead god like Myrkul. She also hinted at the danger that awaits her at home after the success of her mission. The lich-queen of the githyanki is known to assimilate the essence of those of her kin that are too strong or dangerous.

    After that laborious day the party needed a rest before going down into the Ulcaster ruins.

    New area revealed: Gullykin
  • Day 16 (Ulcaster School Dungeon- BG3901)

    Down the stairs in the area to the east we found the ghost Mal Kalen. Another spirit that asked us to set him free. His request was rather cryptic and there was no real hint of how we could help him other than setting his poor soul free to rest in peace.

    • Note - You can bring him a dead body so that he escapes to take his revenge, but the bodies needed are so remote (Samuel's body, Brage's corpse, the dead boy from Cloakwood spider lair etc.) that it is unlikely you have any of those ever with you for this encounter. There is a body further south in the dungeon but unless of course you read this first, you would not know and once the conversation started there is a loop that does not let you out unless you kill Mal Kalen. Unfinished business from the original game sometimes was left out for a reason...

    In a remote room in the south east was Karlini's spellbook for the gnome at the Friendly Arm Inn. We found the journal of a dead Rashemen scout on another body in a northern room.

    We defeated the wolf of Ulcaster in the most epic battle so far. With the experience gained, now everybody in the party had reached level 4. In the rubble past the wolf we found the book for the ghost outside.

    In the most south west room of the dungeon we found steps leading further down.

    However, my badly battered party needed a rest first and I went back to deliver the book to the ghost and rest. I studied the journal of the scout and it told of events during the Time of Troubles (Its full meaning will be revealed in the further plot).
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    Day 17 (Ulcaster School dungeon, level 2 + 3 - CM2680/1)

    The level was occupied by some undead arch mages and their minions. Burning archers, ghouls and the mages them self tried to prevent us from looting.

    • Note - this sounds harder than it is. The vanilla level above as improved by my mod setup was equally hard already. The extra is added by the Dark Horizons mod and proves that the old mods as incorporated in EET are not exaggerated, at least not this one. My level 4 party did not feel out of place here. There are many negative reports from people who copy from other posters without having even played the things in context...

    I spent all resources to defeat Anton Valor who blocked the access to the next level - but we defeated him! The level contained enough resources to refill spells and potions.

    Another level down (CM2681) we were lucky. With a haste spell we were able to overwhelm the mage and his cohorts awaiting us in the front hall. We found highly trapped tombs with some worthy loot including a tome of wisdom. In another area was some amount of gold.

    The final arch mage was in a highly guarded room in the west. I used every wand, scroll and potion the party had to kill him. The loot was worth it, including a tome for strength and a ring to give Imoen extra spell slots. This was a hard battle but I am no tactical player and managed it with the levels and resources gained up to that point.

    This was not the end yet. Coming to the surface again, three red wizards were waiting to get the fine items we found below. They were pathetic after the encounters in the dungeon.
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    Day 18 (Lonely Peaks - BG4400)

    After some exploring and battling Ogres, Sandrah mentioned an uninhabited hut in the area. Whatever she had in mind...

    • Note - her mod makes the hut in this area accessible and adds a small quest.

    Sarhedra in the north east invited us to hunt ogres - there were just enough of them around. I killed those south of her position, reported back and received some XP.

    Near the aforementioned hut we saved Hulrik's cow from xvarts and were informed that this kin and kobolds have been seen in large numbers around the Nashkel mines.

    Inside the hut we found a little girl. She and her mother had been ambushed by ogres and the girl could escape into the hut. Her mother was missing and we agreed to look for her. The girl followed us outside, we could not keep her alone for the case that the ogres would return.
    After we explored the area for a while with the girl in tow, Sandrah asked her again for a hint. The girl revealed her true identity as an ogre mage who had led us into a trap with two more of his friends waiting. The bodies carried a fair amount of gold.

    The fact that the bandits in the middle of the area were named did not really distinguish them from any other bandits.

    After we cleared the remaining area, I led my party to the hut again. Once inside I took the PID option to ask Sandrah about the place and the party soon turned the run down place into a home for the night. In addition I found a helmet of charm protection for Eroan.

    I finished my southward journey with a visit to the carnival. In the north west wooded part we found some shadow druids planning an attack on the fair itself. They were angry about the perversion in the middle of the forest and the garbage and disrespect for nature. When they noticed our group, they turned hostile and called their kobold followers to join the attack.

    • Note - this encounter happens for a party higher than level 4 only.
    Last but not least, we found a winter wolf and hunted it for its pelt to make Imoen happy.

    New area revealed: Firewine Bridge
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