Reinstall with Save?

What's the general rule on re-running Mod Setup Tool in an EET campaign without having to start over? I'd like to add just a couple of tweaks:

1. A few friendship paths
2. "Fine weapons are immune to the iron crisis" component of SCS
3. "Add bags of holding" from Tweak Anthology

It's my understanding that I need to reinstall everything through the tool but I'm wondering if I can keep my current save if I'm just adding the above mods.

I'm attaching my user.ini in case you'd like to review it.



  • A better way to do 2 + 3 is to just add them to the current game. They would apply to everything you have not done yet, just do not change things you already have or bought.

    With 1, it would depend on who's friendship mod you want to add. Just post the names of the mods and where you are in the current game and I will tell you if it is possible to add without re-start.
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