Classic BGT compatibility

Will there be compatibility with classic game?


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    How that? The mod has two main components and none makes sense in BGT.

    1) Tamoko appears after Sarevok's death to join if you did not fight her before. Her joinable part is during that part of the game and she dies before you reach Irenicus Dungeon (to be compatible with SoA/ToB). >>>> There is no SoD in BGT.

    2) The other feature of the mod is that the transition after Sarevok's death is delayed in EET.  >>>> There is no use for that in BGT because you have to go back to the Dukes already to trigger the transition to SoA.
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    So she is only playable in SoD? What a bummer. I always wanted to compose party of Sarevok's bootlickers and other villains. Angelo and Irenicus are already available.
  • At the time you meet Sarevok, Tamoko is already supposed to be dead. According to his final Bio at ToB end, he never sees her again after he sent her to fight you in the Undercity at the end of BG1.
    There are also a number of mods that contain references to her being dead by the time that SoA starts, so there would be compatibility issues, even if just minor ones.

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