IWD EE: Party Setup - NPC Project + Turald NPC

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I want to start an IWD EE playthrough with the NPC Project and Turald NPC..

My mainchar will be an human Fighter - dualwielding Swords - named "Tuor".

Please help me to find a good Party Setup.
There are follwing Class Options for the new NPCs:
Holvir, paladin
alternate class: cavalier, inquisitor, undead hunter
Korin, ranger
alternate class: archer, beast master, stalker,
multiclass cleric/ranger
Nella, fighter, possible dual-class - cleric, druid
alternate class: berserker, kensai, wizard slayer, monk,
multiclass fighter/cleric, multiclass fighter/druid
Severn, bard
alternate class: blade, jester, skald, mage, sorcerer, wild mage,
multiclass fighter/mage
Teri, multiclass fighter/thief
alternate class: thief, assassin, bounty hunter, swashbuckler,
multiclass mage/thief, multiclass fighter/mage/thief

Does anybody have a link for the IWD EE Autoroller?

Thanks for help.


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    Yes thanks.. I won't start IWD because I'm in love with EET too much and IWD EE doesnt start anymore either..
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    I would recommend you drop Holvir for Turald and make Teri a mage/thief if you are not going to be a mage type yourself. Although I would strongly recommend going Fighter/Mage for your main character, as there are little arcane spell slots between a bard and a multiclass mage. Being a sorcerer or mage and having Teri be a pure thief is probably the most optimal but it sounds like that isn't what you want your character to be. There is also a Dusky NPC mod that adds a cleric/thief to help flesh out options. Keep in mind you can always use EEKeeper to change up their classes to whatever you like once the game starts - I used it to make my Nella a pureclass druid.
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    OK thx for the detailed information  ;)
    So what would be your recommended Party Setup when I choose a fighter/mage PC?
    Without EEKeeper adjustment.

    PC: Fighter / Mage
    Turald: Fighter / Cleric
    Teri: Assassin
    Korin: Archer
    Severn: Bard

    What should be the last NPC? Then? I would say Holvir as Cavalier for another melee fighter maybe?

  • I would recommend Nella for various reasons - speaking strictly for party balance, having her as a Fighter/Druid would be better than Holvir to fill out that last slot, as otherwise you only have one divine caster and he's already multiclass. If only one character can heal in your whole party it's going to be rough - and a fighter/druid can keep up with a paladin in the front lines but also has a lot of other spellcasting options at their disposal, and are much better at healing. Alternatively you can have Nella as a Fighter and then dual-class her to Druid later on.

    Speaking from a story viewpoint, Holvir is probably the most boring NPC out of all of them by a huge amount and Nella's background and personal story is probably the most involved with the plot of IWD itself out of all the NPCs.
  • Ok, thx. I'll take Nella if I play it when I'm finished with my BG EET playthrough. 
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