Revised Bhaalspawn powers - question

Hello Roxanne, I was wondering, can I install this one after I have aldready installed old sounds and cdtweaks and started a game, but not reached chapter two? Will this affect mine save when I continue or it ruins somewhat?


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    Which mod is that - there is "Restored Bhaalspawn power" within Ascension or is this a different one? aTweaks?
  • That is the atweaks component then...
    Since it affects the powers you gain during the Bhaal dreams in BG1, it should be installed prior to starting a new game. It probably will still work if you had none of the dreams yet. It will not ruin anything if installed later, it just may have no effect.

    Check you weidu.log in BG2EE to see if you have already atweaks components installed. If yes, do NOT revise or uninstall them, make sure that you pick the option that only allows you to select components NOT YET INSTALLED. You should get this when you run the setup-atweaks.exe in BG2EE.
  • i have cdtweaks
  • konva said:
    i have cdtweaks
    Not related. Just extract atweaks to BG2EE and run the setup.exe. It will find any component already installed, if not, it should be save to use whatever you want from it.

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