IWD EET experience xp settings

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Is there a way to turn on full experience for IWD quests? (I didn't install any xp reduction mods).

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    You mean the xp value you get when you finished a certain IWD quest?
    Those are defined directly inside the IWD mod itself and coded there. The mod then adds the own values to the file XPList.2da
    There is no switch or setting you can influence while playing.

    You can of course modify the above file at your will. (You could also modify the values prior installation in the mod's setup tp2.)
    As far as I can tell, no xp mod would make changes to the IWD part of the file anyway.

    Maybe one of the Russian contributors to the mod will know how the current values were derived but my assumption is that they do not want to overpower the player with too much extra xp and thus tried to align the original IWD values with an EET average.
  • thank you! 

    In this case the XP balance is fine especially for the solo game then
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