TDDz: Does it include EE-compatible versions of its new spells?


I checked the documentation which stated that whoever made the TDDz update removed the new spell scrolls, which was tragic.  These spells were a major reason why I wanted to try TDDz!

Thus if [url=]these new TDD spells[/url] aren't in TDDz, may we get them in a near-term TDDz update?



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    It is not foreseen to revert any mods to a pre-Weidu age.

    Prior to Weidu introduction for mod installation, only single mods could be installed by putting files into override and tweaking dialog.tlk. Weidu allowed installation of multiple mods as we know it today.
    Old "Big Mods" therefore often contained a lot of tweaks, kits, minor NPCs, items and spells that were not really needed in the mod or its story, simply because it was the only way to do it at that time.
    Since that age, all efforts have been made to keep quests and other mod elements separated and to use specialised mods for different aspects. This has not only be done for quest/content mods but even in Tweaks Anthology vs SCS to keep tweaks and AI issues in different mods and to ensure compatibility.
    There is no good reason to turn back the wheel and introduce another source of compatibility issues that have just be overcome.
    Note - Big mods may still have occasional spells or scrolls needed in the mod itself, like any quest or NPC mod may have.
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