IWD EE spells graphics

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Hi, All,

Is there any mod that brings IWD EE graphics and effects of spells into EET ?

I see that there are mods that can bring casting graphics related to different schools into EET (Tweaks anthology and IWDification), but didn't see any mod similar to well-known (and, TBH, a bit problematic in compatibility) Spellpack B6. In my opinion, we have IWD(EE) spells that have effects and graphics superior to BG2(EE).

Another question is about making such mod if none existing. Is introducing resources extracted from IWDEE non-problematic from the licensing point of view if appear on GitHub?


  • I am not too familiar with the graphic differences, but we have IWD-in-EET for testing. Not sure in which way that mod introduces IWD features - I have it installed but not yet reached the game part where I travel to IWD.
  • According to what I have seen from the mod source (IWD1 for EET), it just adds missing spells. It looks like IWD2 one does similar (here it is logical because of the different D&D rules)
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