the darkest day orgoth’s tower

got the quest from the wizard in Riativin went to the tower got in did some exploring saved and got off for the night started it up back today and the stone i need to open doors within the tower is just gone i had before i got off last night and cant seem to leave the tower either because the stairs i came in dont seem to have to icon to climb them i can use the parcel to get out tho, anyways is there a item code i can use to get the stone back? i even went back to the wizard and was a fruitless effort  


  • There are two items, I am not sure at which point you lost it

    Just be aware that the stairs up/down in one of the tower levels (the one that looks like deArnise keep) are confusing. Best look at the area map to see the markers.
  • thanks a bunch was able to complete the quest and found the stairs i needed couldent get to it at first because i dident have the wardstone  
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