ROT Final Battle Freeze during Drizzt Resurrection (Solved)

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I've been having a ROT Final Battle blue circle/freeze during the cutscene where Catti-Brie attempt to resurrect Drizzt.

I'm playing BG2EE, with the Sandrah mod.  When I enter the battle area with Jaraxle & Entreri, both Entreri & Drizzt leave to the one on one battle area & Drizzt is removed as a party member.  At the Drizzt & Entreri area, Sandrah & Pellegram are also present & my main character appears in the upper left of the screen & casts True Sight, even though I don't have that ability (actually, I think he drinks a potion of True Sight?).  The battle begins, Entreri appears to die, comes back, knocks Drizzt unconscious, Cattie-Brie shows up & shoots him with her bow, killing him.  Sometimes Drizzt's body remains, sometimes it doesn't.

Then dialog starts with Jaraxle, but the screen is still showing the screen where Cattie-Brie is.  I click on one of my other party members & that takes me back to Jaraxle & Sandrah is there now too.  I defeat Jaraxle, the shard is destroyed & then I'm taken back to the Cattie-Brie screen.  My main character is present, along with Cattie-Brie & Entreri.  Cattie-Brie kills Entreri & if Drizzt's body is present, it disappears & I get the blue circle & freeze.  If Drizzt's body isn't there, then it just goes to a blue circle & freeze.


I sure hope there's a solution for this, I'm so close!


  • Question - before you entered the final area to meet Entreri/Jarlaxle, was Drizzt a party member or did you play the option where you just meet him at the last portal?

    Just by coincidence, I played this episode just some 8 hours ago and it all worked well, however I did not have Drizzt as a party member.

    There are two different scenarios, and first I need to know which one you played.
    If you could post a saved game from around the point before the shard is destroyed, this would be helpful.

    Another option is to enforce the ending that worked for me. To do this, use the console instead of destroying the shard and enter
    - Cattie should resurrect Drizzt, you can loot Entreri if you like and then talk to Cattie to leave the scene for the ending.
  • Thanks Roxanne for your reply.  Drizzt was a party member just before entering.

    I used the console command you gave me, prior to entering to meet Jaraxle/Enreri and also right before the shard was destroyed.  Both with the same blue circle/freeze results when Catti-Brie attempts to resurrect Drizzt.

    I attempted to attach a Save Game file, but it doesn't let me.  Could you tell me how to do that?
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    If you had Drizzt in party then the original mod sequence will be applied (not the Sandrah variation that I used earlier.) That means we need to look into the old original code for the source of the error and a solution.

    Meanwhile, try this
    - Go to your BG2EE folder with the EET installation and go to the folder /override look for the file Endisn.bcs and rename it to e.g. Orig_Endisn.bcs.
    - Extract the attached file and put it into BG2EE/override
    - Destroy the shard and do NOT use my console command, just let it play.
  • Thanks so much for having patience. I'm kinda new at this.  Here's one save, just before I enter the area with Jaraxle/Entreri.
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    I have tested it with my revised bcs file from the previous post and it worked for me. Only thing is that you need to use CTRL+J to jump/move your player to where Drizzt is after he is ressurected and then the scene continues.
    I hope it works same for you.
  • Yes Roxanne, it worked!  I put the file in the override directory and that did the trick.  Thank you so much for your help!
  • cdadare said:
    Yes Roxanne, it worked!  I put the file in the override directory and that did the trick.  Thank you so much for your help!
    Thank you for confirmation. The issue was in the old RoT cutscene (not the Sandrah version) which needs a slight modification for BG2EE/EET.
    (The script tried to force Drizzt back into the party while Catti still was casting the ressurection spell, dead Drizzt was trying to re-equip his famous swords before he was back to life...Cutscenes have sometimes different timing requirements between old game and EE, NPC scripts in EE can run in parallel during cutscenes while in the old game they did not.)
    I will make a change proposal to the RoT maintainers with an improved script to avoid the issues for other players.
  • I finished this battle just a few days ago with Drizzt in the party for the entire RoT saga.  I didn't have the problem the original Poster described.  However I did have Afaaq and a shadow magic familiar in my party.

    In the battle sequence screen area with Artemis vs. Drizzt duel, the one where your PC is "stranded" in the locked in rocky wall area so you can observe the battle, I found a slightly humorous oddity:  Both Afaaq and the PC's shadow familiar appeared near Drizzt, and were able to help Drizzt fight Artemis., or buff Drizzt with spells.  

    I also had the Spell Revisions mod, with the first level mage spell SPWI127.SPL Dimension Jump available, which lets you do a quick mini teleport in any area you can see, that isn't blocked by walls.  I tried it, but it didn't work, as the PC was "land locked" - just an FYI.
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