Converting TS + NEJ to EE?

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  • I actually managed to incorporate TS in an Eet installation without many issues. It's a bit iffy mostly because it's inside a compilation now and some parts require editing but from a setup point of view I got it working and starting. Dunno how long will take to test it though as I always end to refine my huge installation over and over again and never actually testing mods for long. But my edits atm are promising.

    Different story for NeJ. My knowledge make it impossible to put it in an Eet installation but I managed to get it working on Bg2ee 2.5 vanilla and I m actually playing it.
    Vlad in a post said he would provide help if someone want to try the conversation for ee engine but I dunno if I can go as far as getting those mods "professionally" edited. My weidu knowledge is more based on observations than real skills. Maybe I could post those edited files here and someone could try them out... But I m still a bit shy about it, silly me. 
    I'll think about it  
  • Maybe consider to put the mod to Github where people can test and contribute to it?
  • The mod conversions and re-works in this category were done using github. If you want to invite collaborators to your work, that would be the easiest way to do it. You can share the link without sharing it in public until it is mature enough.
  • 3rd on GitHub, and post in the Beamdog forums and wherever else.

  • Anprionsa said:
    3rd on GitHub, and post in the Beamdog forums and wherever else.
    Hm, I would not post big advertisements about this early on. All you get are the *usual comments from the usual culprits* you heard time and time again. It is wasting time and breath. There is no progress in trying to make everybody happy. Especially not with those Vlad mods...
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