ranger stronghold

for some reason the ranger stronghold quests are not happening for me and Delon is not appearing .
can you give me the globals to activate all three stronghold quests please ??


  • Is that plain game or do you have a stronghold mod or tweak installed?
  • heavily modded BG2 EE with tweaks anthology multiple strongholds.
  • Multiple strongholds should not have an impact.

    First check
    C:GetGlobal("DelonSpawn","GLOBAL")  and if it is 1, then he has already spawned somewhere and you just missed him.

    To make him come you have to be in a large outdoor area. Also, you need to be before going to Brynnlaw or after Underdark.
    Use console
  • I think I know what the problem is.
    For some reason I did not acquire the stronghold. 
    What is the global to set it right please?? 
  • Do this

    Then go to the Umar Hills and the first quest should now start.
  • Worked like a charm
    Thank you very much
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