Minor glitches

Hello, just to help if others have the same problems, here are some glitches during my new installation:

"ERROR: End_of_file
Vienxay NPC for BG1EE (Vienxay (New)) was not installed due to errors"

ERROR: End_of_file
Aura NPC (Aura) was not installed due to errors.

I did install them manually with no error message anyway.

ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "AjocMod/spl/spwi966.spl")

I couldn't install it even manually.

Safana in Amn mod - 

The EET install couldn't find it because it was in a master file after extracting and not fully developped in the BG II EE folder.

I could install it anyway without trouble.



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