Sirene ("Magic weapon in use") ,Saerleth and Crimson Ember (BG2 part of triology)

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i have 3 problems i am trying to understand.

1) Finally I was able to take Sirene (my favorite) back with me at the cost of having to take "Saerleth" with me too (honestly I would have left her for a later time but I took pity)
The "Sirene" of now (I have had it since the beginning of BG 1) does not seem to remember our "friendship" from before and also cannot hold any weapon as I receive as an error: "Magic weapon in use" or something similar. The only way to make her fight with a weapon is to give her a weapon as a shield. To tell the truth when I "welcomed" her back into the group she had a two-handed sword (a weapon that I almost never use, preferring one-handed weapons).

2) I found (can't remember where) the "SCIMFLAM" Crimson Ember sword and got it in the inventory of my main character "Sorcerer". Can't I move it from that moment? Why?

3) During a fight, I seem to remember against the Lord of Shadows, my Sorcerer was left unconscious on the ground. I waited, I put the group to sleep, but nothing .. it did not revive. What could have happened?


PS: For any "fixes" I can use EE-Keeper


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    1) One possibility to fix the magic weapon in use trouble is by use of a spell - Spiritual Hammer. If you cast it on Sirene, it will give her a magic weapon for a limited time, but when that time is over, the spell expires. This will overwrite the earlier condition where the timer somehow may have got stuck.
    Sirene is not a true continuous EET character but a new cre-file in BG2. However she is supposed to remember your earlier companionship if you use the right dialogue options.

    You can try with console C:Eval('ActionOverride("C0Sirene",ReallyForceSpellRES("SPPR213",Myself))')

    2) this sounds like some item or spell mod changing behaviour. The weapon is in category Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninja-To. Do you have a mod that changes those?

    3) this sounds like some item or spell mod changing behaviour.
    Did you try CTRL+R on the character? Otherwise in EEkeeper, look for state unconscious and remove it
  • Sorry, could you tell me how do I know which mod I have installed?

  • I forgot one thing. I also have an issue with Yasraena's short sword Ironkiss that is not usable by her
  • Sorry, could you tell me how do I know which mod I have installed?

    Open the file weidu.log in the BG2EE directory. Any text editor can be used for it.
  • Here the list. I don't know if one of these MOD can do what you say on point 3

    I can't meet Sandrah in this configuration :-(

    Here the link:

  • I see no immediate reason for the item behaviour. Maybe you can see with change.log which mod may have changed an item like scimflam.itm or ironkiss.itm

    You do not meet Sandrah because only parts of the mod are installed.
  • I have just updated the Yasraena mod to avoid all possible problems with her items under all conditions. The mod now uses EE-feature for restricted items instead of the old games techniques.

    Note - there may be still issues with her using the swords if you tweak her stats, e.g. by giving her other equipment that may reduce strength or intelligence required for her own personal items. Same can happen if some abilities are drained in game, e.g. by mind flayers spells.
  • Even if he doesn't use his short sword it's not an incredible problem. I don't know if I can apply an "updated the Yasraena mod" on my current one without any problems
    Is this possible?

    I usually never change the characteristics of the characters. So this way doesn't seem possible to me.

  • What I meant is that you may change such stats without knowing - it happened to me just recently. You give some item to an NPC that sets a characteristic to some defined value (not increase or decrease) and it may happen that it changes in a way to make use of an item impossible. Her swords have pretty high requirements for some values.

    The issue with updating in game will be that the item names and descriptions will all be weird even if the behaviour would be correct.
  • Ah! Ok I understand .. You have the wyvern helmet on your head that changes strength up. Check after
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