Shadows over Soubar: Which is the more comprehensive version?

Greetings, @Roxanne!

Between the SHS version and your version, which one is more comprehensive?  Like with the other comprehensiveness inquiries from me recently, does your mod include all the changes from the other authors & maintainers plus yours?  If not, what are the main differences in terms of bug fixes, compatibility, and features?



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    Comprehensive? That is a meaningless attribute in this context. What is it supposed to mean?

    My version - as the description states - is EET compatible, it is compatible with any other BG1 mod that qualifies for EET and it has been tested by countless players. There are currently no known bugs - if one is found it will be fixed quickly. So, what are the bugs you talk about that need to be fixed? Do you have any example?

    It is not tested for BGT, the game that the mod was originally made for and most likely it will not work there but I have no means to verify that. Nor is the version supposed to install on BGT.
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