Is it possible to end Sandrah Romance?

Never found her romance compelling, wanted to end it and haven't found a way to do so.  I like the other content added by the Sandrah Mod, but the romance is seems to be written by a different author, it's laughably poor quality. 

Does the mod force you to romance Sandrah?  Is there any way to cut it off using EE Keeper globals? 


  • You can always reject her advances. She will still admire you and mention it from time to time but you do not need to acknowledge it.
    There are no globals because her relationship (even if one sided) does not interfere with other love intersts you might have with other NPCs.
  • I rejected her last time but she kept going at it and so I might have skipped some dialogue causing the romance to start on accident.  Thanks for your help, I think I'm going to try to respawn Sandrah at level 1 using console command ->
    Is this going to cause issues with the quests I've already done with the old Sandrah?  Will I need to do all the quests over again or will she update automatically?   

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    By creating a new version, many "globals" that are actually locals will not be set, so you will get either weird behaviour or some events that you already had in the past will be repeated.
    If you are familiar with Near Infinity, it may be a better option to bring back the already "played" version from baldur.gam. You will find her in that file with probably current area set to "none", which you can edit to the current area you are in.

    PS - you could also zip and attach a saved game and I may try to restore her for you.
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