Can someone tell me why there was a problem with installing these archives?

Mod: Anniversary
Component: The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod

Mod: Gorion's Dream Restored
Component: Gorion's Dream Restored

Mod: Sirene NPC for BG1:EE
Component: Sirene NPC for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
Component: Choose one portrait -> BG1 default by sporeboy

Mod: Rose NPC Resurrected for EET
Component: Rose NPC for EET

Mod: Indira NPC
Component: Indira NPC

Mod: Item Upgrade
Component: Install supplemental Cespenar audio for Item Upgrade

Mod: Sword Coast Stratagems
Component: SI component initialization (required for all tactical and SI components)
Component: More intelligent general-purpose SI script
Component: Faster bears
Component: Easy to use SI script for the team


  • - The issue with the mods listed at the top was a github download issue as discussed in the other thread already.
    - Cespenar audio may not work in EET with other mods already installed.
    - SCS failure may have many reasons that can only be investigated from the setup-stratagems.debug file
  • The basis for my compilation was the EET_Explore the EET World.ini file and I added very little from myself. Therefore I am surprised that there were some problems. There is a tutorial somewhere how to solve this kind of problem?
  • SCS has been updated in recent time quite a bit, same as some other mods that might interfere with it. This means there might be newer problems with the mod.
    Best place to look for possible issues is the setup-stratagems.debug file that you find in your BG2EE directory. It should provide some initial hint of why it failed. In many cases it is a spell or item that was tweaked by another mod before.

  • I sent this file to the SCS forum but so far I have not received an answer. Thank you for your help.
  • Baldur said:
    I sent this file to the SCS forum but so far I have not received an answer. Thank you for your help.
    Fine, it is SCS internal processing, everything else worked fine in your installation.
    The error is weird

    DELETE [weidu_external/workspace/ssl_out/bddefai.baf]: does not existCopying and patching 1 file ...
    ERROR: error loading [weidu_external/workspace\ssl_out\bddefai.baf]

    Since ssl is SCS internal code it is hard to tell what it wrong here.
  • SCS has been updated to remove the error that happened with non-English installations.
  • Yes, but with the installation I have to wait until I play again (with another archive installation), because I don't want to mess up the game and my saves now
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