Doubled HP rolls

It seems that post-2.0 versions of bgee/bg2ee changed hit dice rolls when leveling, rolling twice and taking the better result. I'd like to know if anyone has a suggestion for reverting that to standard, single roll behavior. Thanks. (Issue discussed here:


  • What happens if you de-select "Max HP on level up" in Gameplay menu? I always de-select it and did not notice unusual behaviour.
  • The unusual behavior wouldn't show up at all with max hp selected, since no roll occurs to begin with there. It only really becomes apparent with a fairly large sample size. For example, the average result of a d10 roll is 5.5, the average of two d10s with the better being taken is 7.15. It's not an enormous change, but it'd be nice to have the option to use the original behavior.
  • I know of no mod that restores previous behaviour.
  • Hopefully the patch'll change it, if it ever comes out. Thanks for responding.
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