Ultimate Compilation and an Npc

Having a blast browsing through all the available mods, recently i solved the errors i was having but i went back to install it to my laptop. 
I was curious though if it exists a downloadable .txt, one of those compilations you can import in BWS that contain as much new content as possible.
Also, is the Aura npc contemplated in the npcs list of BWS ?


  • There are compilations depending on which game you want to mod. You can easily identify them by their pre-fix. They are ini files you find in the "Compilations" folder of the install tool.
    Note - my own more recent ones for EET compilations go away from maximum installations to those mods I really am sure I consider using in game. This is not necessarily a question of quality but some smaller fedex quests are only interesting once or twice and I do not need to repeat them in every play through.

    Aura is included for BGEE or EET (BG1 part). Look under "smaller NPCs" if she is not in the main NPC category.
  • ah pity, oh well nevermind
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