Quick Questions about Mod Download and Installation

Hello there. I've been a huge fan of BG2 for years, and today I bit the bullet and bought BG:EE and BG2:EE. I was a bit overwhelmed by the changes from the vanilla versions, but I was very happy to see all of the mods that are covered by EET. Since this is both my first time dealing with BG and the EE editions, I was hoping to ask a few quick questions before I try and decide what all I want to install.

1. Do I need to install the DLC Merger before EET to make SoD modded along with BG? I know that SoD files were kept separate from the main BG game, and that a thread on Beamdog said a merger was needed to make the two compatible with mods.

2. Is there a pause between downloading mods and installing mods with EET, since I was looking to add some custom portraits to some companions.

3. What happens to mods who have been moved to a different site? As I was going down the compatibility list, I found the links were leading me to the old PocketPlane and Lava's Scriptorium sites. I wasn't sure if this affected EET or not.

Thank you for your time and any insight you could provide, and congrats on all your hard work throughout the years.


  • 1. The install tool will automatically determine whether you need the DLC merger or not, you need to do nothing. In fact, if you use install tool, you should use copies of both games needed for EET without any modifications. Also, do NOT install any mods to BGEE prior to using the install tool - it will automatically determine BG1 mods to be installed before EET conversion or thereafter.

    2. The tool will pause after downloading and extracting mods. Furthermore, in the mod selection tree you can right click on any mod you select and request a "pause before installation" for that mod. During installation process, the tool will stop at such a pause and wait for your action.
    Note - In EET, the extraction + installation phase will happen twice - once for each game part.
    Note - BG1 content mods do not always install prior EET, many go thereafter. If you put an extra mod into BG1, later EET may fail if the mod did not belong into that part.

    3. The tool has its own internal database for the correct download source, links in the list often go to the mod description page rather than directly to the download.
  • Ok, thank you for getting back to me so quickly!
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