Sandrah SoA Quest

Hi there,

Spoilers ahead for all, who have not yet played the SoA part.

I am already way beyond the 12 hour threshhold mentioned in the guide regarding Sandrah's first Waterdeep Quest.

The quest does not trigger and Landrel in WD has nothing to say to me.

I already have the ability to port to WD, because I visited for Shar'Teel giving birth.

Currently I have finished pretty much all of vanilla SoA Content before Spellhold and will hold off on a lot of optional Mod Content to have Imoen along.. so i would like to know if this quest will start later or if I should do it now and wait for it..

Is there a variable I can check?

Thanks a lot



  • Sorry, can you be a bit more specific about which quest you wait for?
    There are a number of them, e.g. there is the Stormhorn quest that is available any time.
    There are quests involving Waterdeep but they may trigger at different times depending on your overall route through the game, some may even be delayed after Underdark.
    Sandrah does not have much Imoen content in SoA, because Imoen may not be present most of the time.
  • The quest is mentioned in the guide as "Waterdeep Vampires", which mentions, it should start after about 12 hours real-time of playing SoA.

    I already finished Stormhorns.
  • There are different triggers for this quest depending on your Shar-Teel relationship. In your case, this quest will come after Underdark. (This is to distribute your Waterdeep journeys a bit throughout SoA...)
    Nothing to worry about.
  • Ah perfect, thx a lot for the answer. Then I will go, rescue my bestest friend. :D
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