[Minimal Spoilers!] Dark Horizon Tweaks: What are the main changes?


What are the main sorts of changes Dark Horizon Tweaks makes?  I considered using DH and DH Tweaks, but I want to know more before committing to either.



  • Do you know DH in detail? Otherwise, the information is useless.
    Assassins south of Beregost appear after Nashkel mines are solved, not in chapter 1 already.
    High level ambush inside Nashkel mines is moved to a side cave so that a low level party could sneak by and the main game is not stuck.
    High level loot is moved from Beregost stronghold to BG City stronghold and thus only available later.
    Normal fighters of the organisation do not drop their +2 and +3 weapons when killed although they use them against the party. You can get 30+ such weapons in the untweaked mod.

  • I like that the Nashkel mines assassins moved out of the way. They always killed my party when I went to the mine too early.
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