NPC's with Most Content

I am looking to play EET with a party of NPC's that has the most content (interjections, romance, quests). In BG1, I think my party will be up of me, Sandrah, Imoen, Shar Teel, and Dynaheir with the last spot rotating between other NPC's. Any different suggestions?

For the final spot, who should I take (or who is not worth taking) and in what order? I have BG1npcbeg mod installed so most NPC's are available at any time.


  • Viconia has a lot of content and also she appears in all the game. Othewise, I would really not block too much of your party with pre-set characters and rather decide during game as they come along.
    (Mods included) If you play female main character, Gavin adds a lot - Isra/Sirene for male, provided you are happy with paladins ruling over your decisions.
  • I did write recently, in my playthrough thread, a lot about interactions with NPCs, and between them.
    But keep in mind I just did part of BG1, so I can't tell you more except that.

    However, so far there was nice and big interactions, especially Sandrah and Dynaheir. But also other are involved.
    When I was playing last year, I did just small play in BG2 (EET), I noticed also some interaction with Minsc (he was very sad, or something like that), which I never seen in vanilla games.

    So, I can only imagine how much more interactions in EET game all of us will get.

    Roxanne, seems you do not like paladins much :#  . I fully get your point, but so far I had zero problems with Isra. Sometimes she chat with Sandrah. And when Safana was in party, she get angry on her sometimes, but nothing bad with it, if find it funny.
    But we will see what paladins say when real hard decisions are going to be made in game (if I have any of them in that moment).

    Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at you!
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