Missing Journal entries

I am missing what appears to be the majority of Journal entries for quests in the Sandrah Saga.  This makes it difficult to keep track of everything.  What do I need to do to resolve this?


  • Many Sandrah quests run for a long time. There may be entries in earlier chapters if a quest started early and nothing has happened for a while. Gorion's Dagger quest is one example, it spans the whole game but only every 3 or 4 chapters you find a new clue for it.
    If you have something more specific, I could give a better answer.
  • As an example, in the screen shot I posted, there is a mention in the dialogue/ information window about Journal has been updated: Bandits on Bald hill but I have no entries anywhere for that in the Journal.
    Id o have the entry for Gorions Dagger and totally understand about the updating, but right now I am in Restenford and have been doing quite a few things but there are no journal entries for anything that I have done thus far in this part of the MOD.
  • I get same thing in game, but as I know these are not same dialogue/ information as Journal for quests you have to finish.

    I did not give much attention to this before, but you have (as you can see in your picture) "Quests" and "Journal" which is not same. Look if your messages get entry in "Journal".

    Butt-kicking for goodness!
  • Journal entries may appear in the Quest section or the normal Journal section. This is handled individually by the mods. Many older mods have never used the quest section of the journal, so this behaviour is not new for EE.

    Technical Note - the new design of the journal in EE requires a special formatting for entries to the journal part. There are also stricter requirements for foreign languages and the symbols/particularities they may use. Per default, older formats always go to Journal part. It is a decision of those who update mods whether to make those changes or not.
    In the specific case of Bone Hill that you quote, such a conversion has not been done - reason is that the original mod never did this in the first place. Journal entries for that mod have always been a bit random (my personal observation).
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