Ctb liberation of Hlondeth

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Hello again! I wonder why my worldmap is not updated with Hlondeth map when I arrive at city gates, is there any other trigger to reveal the update of the worldmap? 


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    Do you have the worldmap mod installed?
    Is your player character level 11 or higher?
  • Sorry for offtopic, but what is Hlondeth map?
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  • Ammanda said:
    Sorry for offtopic, but what is Hlondeth map?
    The indication of the three town areas of Hlondeth on the worldmap. There is a map inset like they also exist for Baldur's Gate and Athkatla. Middle area of the huge worldmap, southern part, three town areas (ar3610, ar3611, ar3613).

  • Roxanne, yes it is installed, my main character is at lvl 10, I didn't know that, so I can wait! Thank you again! Ammanda, hlondeth is a city which is added with check the bodies liberation of Hlondeth module.
  • I will take a look into it because I installed most of CtB components.
    Butt-kicking for goodness!
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